Meme Watch: ‘One-Up America’ Catalogs A Series Of American Overachievements

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The One-Up America meme emerged this week after the Mars landing stole London's Olympic thunder. These colors don't run, hoss!


Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Check Out The First HD Panoramic Pictures From Mars

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Believe it or not, this is not the work of the Mars rover Curiosity we've heard so much about lately. No, the images the internet is having nerdgasms over this afternoon are coming from the Mars rover Opportunity, which has been on the red planet for eight years.


Mars Versus The Olympics, The Counting Song, And Links


Today's links, featuring the worst Olympic track record in the universe and Adam Buxton's 'The Counting Song' with a dark Cyriak video.


What’s On Tonight: Mission To Mars, But Not That Crappy Movie

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including a Science Channel special about landing a robot on Mars.


The Internet Reacts To The Mars Curiosity Rover

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The Mars Curiosity rover successfully landed in Gale Crater today as Dave Chappelle prophesied, so the internet is filled with jokes now.


‘Mars, Bitches': Dave Chappelle Predicted That A Black President Would Take Us To Mars

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NASA landed a rover on Mars last night. Dave Chappelle predicted this would happen under a black president: "Mars, bitches!"


We Did It! Mars Curiosity Rover Safely Lands, Tweets A Double Entendre

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NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has safely landed in Gale Crater on schedule, took the time to send back pictures and tweet a double entendre. USA! USA! USA!


Evidence For Mars Having Water Is Piling Up


Back in the day, people used to believe there was life on Mars because they saw canals on the planet through telescopes.

total recall jokes

NASA Is About to Give Up On Going to Mars?

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You may have heard that NASA and the ESA were going to collaborate on ExoMars, a joint mission to get another rover on Mars as well as a permanent orbiting satellite.


Is NASA Planning One-Way Spaceflights?


Earlier in October, NASA Ames Research Center director Simon Warden mentioned a new project NASA was working with DARPA on: a "hundred year starship," designed for colonizing other planets.

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