#Oscars 2015

Watch Apple’s Touching Oscars Commercial Featuring Martin Scorsese And Student Filmmakers


The ad features students making movies with the iPad 2 and Scorsese's remarks at the 2014 NYU Tisch School of the Arts commencement.

Directors and Drugs

What Award-Winning Directors Have Said About Their History Of Substance Abuse

By | 7 Comments

Here are seven directors who have admitted to a history of substance abuse.

quentin tarantino

Director Mike Leigh On Quentin Tarantino’s Outspoken Mission To Preserve 35MM Film: ‘That’s Bollocks’

By | 16 Comments

Directors Mike Leigh and Martin Scorsese defend digital filmmaking and question Quentin Tarantino's mission to preserve celluloid.


Here Are 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Goodfellas’ To Prepare For The Film’s 25th Anniversary

By | 27 Comments

Take a look back at some interesting facts about Martin Scorsese's classic mobster film 'Goodfellas' to kick start its 25th anniversary.

olivia wilde

HBO Picked Up Martin Scorsese And Mick Jagger’s Rock Drama Starring Olivia Wilde And Bobby Cannavale

By | 7 Comments

After the success of "Boardwalk Empire," HBO and Martin Scorsese are getting back in bed together.

mash ups

The ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Martin Scorsese Edit Works Surprisingly Well

By | 8 Comments

Wet Hot American Summer would make a great Scorsese movie, presupposes this trailer edit.


What’s On Tonight: Martin Scorsese’s HBO Documentary About Books

By | 12 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including an HBO documentary directed by Martin Scorsese.


Martin Scorsese Will Direct A Biopic About The Ramones For Their 40th Anniversary

By | 15 Comments

As plans for the band's 40th anniversary heat up, it has been revealed that Martin Scorsese is taking on The Ramones for a 2016 film.


Martin Scorsese May Direct HBO’s ‘Shutter Island’ Adaptation, ‘Ashecliffe’

By | 9 Comments

Marty may sign up to direct the pilot for a TV show based on one of his movies, "Shutter Island."

#Fascinating Facts

How Robert De Niro Almost Starred In ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Godfather,’ And Other Well-Known Films

By | 10 Comments

Nobody says "no" when Robert De Niro wants a role, except for Francis Ford Coppola and Stanley Kubrick.


Here’s The Trailer For The Scorsese-Produced Asian Gangster Movie ‘Revenge Of The Green Dragons’

By | 27 Comments

Martin Scorsese produced an English-language film by Andrew Lau, whose 'Infernal Affairs' Scorsese remade in 'The Departed.


The Definitive Top 5: Cinema’s Best Extended Takes

By | 107 Comments

Everyone has their own personal opinions when it comes to any kind of list or ranking for movies, but those opinions are wrong. Here is the correct answer.


Check Out The Trailer For The Roger Ebert Documentary ‘Life Itself’

By | 14 Comments

Grab the tissues, because 'Life Itself,' the Mike James documentary about Roger Ebert, looks like it's going to be an emotional one.


Here’s Every F-Word From ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ In One Handy Supercut

By | 6 Comments

Screen Junkies does the hard work for you and brings you the amazing all F-word supercut of 'The Wolf Of Wall Street.'


Stream Them If You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Mar 27, 2014

By | 12 Comments

Your streaming and Netflix Instant picks of the week, including a scary space movie, a documentary about singers, and Vince Vaughn's sperm.


Martin Scorsese Reveals His Own Crazy ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Quaalude Experiences On ‘Conan’

By | 4 Comments

Martin Scorsese is probably full of amazing stories, but this story about quaaludes and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is pretty entertaining.

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