The Definitive Top 5: Cinema’s Best Extended Takes

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Everyone has their own personal opinions when it comes to any kind of list or ranking for movies, but those opinions are wrong. Here is the correct answer.


Check Out The Trailer For The Roger Ebert Documentary ‘Life Itself’

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Grab the tissues, because 'Life Itself,' the Mike James documentary about Roger Ebert, looks like it's going to be an emotional one.


Here’s Every F-Word From ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ In One Handy Supercut

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Screen Junkies does the hard work for you and brings you the amazing all F-word supercut of 'The Wolf Of Wall Street.'


Stream Them If You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Mar 27, 2014

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Your streaming and Netflix Instant picks of the week, including a scary space movie, a documentary about singers, and Vince Vaughn's sperm.


Martin Scorsese Reveals His Own Crazy ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Quaalude Experiences On ‘Conan’

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Martin Scorsese is probably full of amazing stories, but this story about quaaludes and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is pretty entertaining.


Martin Scorsese And David Letterman Team-Up To Tackle All Those Nude Scenes In ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

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Martin Scorsese says it best: He's 70 years old, there's nudity in the picture. Let's just do it.


Watch: The Surprising Visual FX Reel From ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’


'Wolf of Wall Street' visual effects real shows stunning changes made to the film after production.


Review: 'Wolf of Wall Street,' AKA 'Spring Bankers'

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Would Anchorman still be as funny if Ron Burgundy was a real person and the movie based on a book he wrote himself?


The Hobbit of Wall Street? ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is Reportedly Three Hours Long

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The Wolf of Wall Street is three hours long, Martin Scorsese's longest movie yet, according to reports.


Jonah Hill Needs To Shut Up According To Jonah Hill On Letterman

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Jonah Hill talks too much and it's finally come to bite him in the ass according to this Letterman interview


Watch Jonah Hill try to talk through his huge fake teeth in the new Wolf of Wall Street trailer

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To commemorate their new Christmas Day release date (read: Oscar eligible!) for Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, Paramount has released a new trailer, featuring all the wealth porn of the first trailer with even more of Jonah Hill trying to talk around his enormous teeth.


Chimps, Women, and Dwarf-Tossing, the Wolf of Wall Street has a Trailer

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Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street just dropped a trailer, and dare I say it, Leonardo DiCaprio is dangerously close to being forever typecast as the fabulously wealthy playboy with a private fleet of yachts, women, and money.


Martin Scorsese's next movie has dwarf-tossing in the opening scene

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Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street begins shooting this week, and besides the fact that it's based on the Jordan Bellfort memoir of the same name and stars Jonah Hill and Scorsese's new BFF Leonardo DiCaprio, we new a few things about it.


Martin Scorsese made an iPhone ad

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Martin Scorsese made an iPhone ad, and I don't mean he directed it.


Martin Scorsese abandons film for digital – permanently

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Don't ask me why, but it seems like every time I post something technical, it sparks the most heated debates.


Best Actor Jean Doo Jar Daaahn joins Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street'

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French best actor winner Jean Dujardin, who, as you can see from the banner picture, used to star in some Terence Winter ("Boardwalk Empire") adapted Jordan Belfort's memoirs, which chronicle his rise and fall on Wall Street, along with his hard-partying lifestyle and tumultuous personal life.


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Crashed An Awards Show


The first <a href="">Golden Collar Awards</a> were held in Los Angeles by dognewsdaily.

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