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6 Overused Video Game TV Ad Templates That Need to Die

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I remember when TV ads for video games used to be good, or at the very least memorable.

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BioWare Caves — Mass Effect 3 to Receive Free Extended Ending DLC

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So, because a lot of gamers have never watched a non-Michael Bay movie, or read all the way through a book, a lot of them found themselves upset by Mass Effect 3's endings.

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Another Constructive "Mass Effect 3" Protest: This Time With Cupcakes


We'll give the complaining over "Mass Effect 3"'s ending this, at least: unlike most entitled whining, some genuine good has come out of it.


Idiot Gamer Files Formal Complaint With FTC Over Crap Ending In 'Mass Effect 3'

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There's been a lot of controversy surrounding <a href="">the ending of "Mass Effect 3,"</a> if by "controversy" you mean "whining.

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Whining Over "Mass Effect 3"'s Ending Does Some Actual Good

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Usually, protests like the ones over "Mass Effect 3"'s ending just turn out to be embarrassing, making gamers look whiny and entitled.


"Mass Effect 3": The Review

By | 18 Comments

"Mass Effect 3" is a great game; compelling, detailed, well-written, well-designed, and above all, fun.


"Mass Effect 3": Initial Impressions

By | 8 Comments

We haven't had a chance to get too deep into this game yet, just about four hours, but we can tell you right off the bat.


5 Little Touches We Really Hope "Mass Effect 3" Has

By | 20 Comments

"Mass Effect 3" is coming up, just when you thought you might escape from "Kingdoms of Amalur" and actually get outside for some fresh air.


Mass Effect 3 Debut Trailer Features A F’ed Up London

By | 2 Comments

The Spike Video Game Awards featured the first announcement/trailer for Bioware's Mass Effect 3, where the race of evil spaceships called The Reapers have finally made their way to Earth.

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