A Massachusetts Town Is Going To Punish Lazy Residents With A Scarlet Letter

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If you live in Somerville, prepare to be shamed a la Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Puritans for not clearing your sidewalks of snow by 10 a.m.


A Woman Came THIS Close To Being Impaled By A Flying Hatchet On A Massachusetts Highway

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Nope, never getting in a vehicle ever again. Too many flying hatchets these days.

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Massachusetts Town Lifts Ban On Arcade Games After 32 Years

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The coin-operated video game ban in Marshfield, MA has been overturned after 32 years, in a shockingly close vote.


Important Government Research Project Develops Pizza That Stays Fresh For Three Years

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Military researchers have finally come up with the most-requested item for MREs: pepperoni pizza that won't go soggy.


What This Middle School Football Team Did To Support Their Disabled Waterboy Might Make You Weepy

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A middle school football team dressed up like Danny Keefe, their kindergarten waterboy, to show him they love him.


An Afrobeat Band Was Scratched From A Massachusetts Concert For Being 'Too White'

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For far too long, white people in New England have been ostracized.


Check Out The New Music Video For Ylvis’s Next Hit ‘Massachusetts’

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Hot on the heels of its first Billboard hit, the Norwegian comedy band Ylvis is back with the new video for "Massachusetts."

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Carl Sciortino Jr.’s New Political Ad Is A Nice Change Of Pace

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In his new political ad, Massachusetts' liberal Carl Sciortino Jr. has a playful exchange with his dad, who is a member of the Tea Party.


Forget Aerosmith: Show Your Boston Pride By Listening To These 10 Massachusetts Bands

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Want to show your Boston pride? Listen to 10 of the finest Massachusetts-based bands.


Say It Ain’t So! People Think The Man With The World’s Largest Arms Is Juicing

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When the people at <a href="">the Guinness Book of World Records released the 57th edition</a> of the most important book to women with facial hair and men with webbed toes back in September, one man was quite pleased to open the book and see his picture next to the title, “World’s Largest Arms”.


PSA For People Who Don’t Watch Wrestling: Do Not Use The Chris Benoit Groupon

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-96172"></a>If you don't watch professional wrestling, there isn't a lot wrestling fans can teach you.


Three Reasons Why Ohio University Football Should Not Be Ranked

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As I watch my alma mater, Ohio University, try to break into the college football rankings week after week this year, I feel that aggrieved pull of fandom for wanting them there.


Add A Mini-Fridge To This Steampunk Computer Crapper And We’ll Never Have To Get Up Again

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(click to enlarge) The glorious invention above is called "Steampunk Time Machine Antique Master Bathroom Computer Workstation", which is mostly true.


Hispanic Woman Perpetuates Beaner Stereotypes

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I'm just gonna spit it out, because the headline is the punchline: A Massachusetts woman was arrested Thursday for <a href="">hitting her boyfriend in with a baseball</a>.

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High-Schoolers Suspended After Lightsaber Duel, Parents Just Don’t Understand

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That kid you see in the image to your right there is Kevin Carr, a student at Westfield High School in Massachusetts.

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Some Hole In Massachusetts Still Bans Arcade Games?


I live in Massachusetts, and it's often hilarious, at least from a distance, to see the towns try to govern themselves and usually fail miserably while making themselves look bad.

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Osama Bin Laden Getting Shot In The Face: Live-Tweeted


As you've probably heard by now, Osama Bin Laden got shot in the face and dumped in the ocean by American forces, something we're sure Free Republic is overjoyed about even as they're trying to pretend it wasn't done by a guy they hate, or are formulating conspiracy theories about how "OSAMA is ALIVE AND IN THE STATE DEPARTMENT.


Robbers Beaten Up By The Technically Disabled Across America


It's generally accepted that to be any sort of effective criminal, you have to be physically intimidating.


A Classic Tale Of Sportswriter-Turned-Pimp

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Newly forged icon among men Kevin Provencher will serve two and a half years in prison after being found guilty of running a prostitution ring in Salem, Mass.

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