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Dee-1 – “Master P”

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Say what you want about Percy Miller, but the man deserves credit for his impact during the 90s.


Ten Reasons To Revisit TRU’s “Hoody Hoo” Music Video

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While prepping for a night on the town this past Friday, I asked a buddy of mine which YouTube clip he wanted to help set the tone for our impending excursion.

Vybz Cartel

Cases By The Boatload: 8 Outrageous Court Orders MCs Want To Forget

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Earlier today, news began to surface that <a href="">Game</a> had been ordered by a judge to <a href="">pay five million dollars</a> to a group of North Carolina police officers.


On Mac, Market Saturation & The Demise Of No Limit Records

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If you attended high school during in the '90s, you'll undoubtedly remember when <a href="">No Limit</a> single-handedly kept record stores in business during the later portion of the decade.

Soulja Slim

The Return Of No Limit Records Is Upon Us

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Gas prices are dropping and Percy appears to have brought the tank back out for what the music industry dubs as a comeback.

Sonya Miller

Master P Only Pays $271 In Child Support For Four Kids?

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While it should be duly noted that the paternal side usually gets shafted in the court of law, Master Percy could probably tell The Roots a thing or two on how he got over.


4.28 The Cooler

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Jenn Yummy What the White iPhone 4 Says About the iPhone 5 [Gizmodo] Gary Busey Joins The Cast Of Piranha 3 Double D [FilmDrunk] Mailman Captured On Camera Taking A Dump In Citizen’s Yard [C&D] Top 10 Badass Girls In Film [Ask Men] The [...].

The Return Of Mr. Zone 6

Gucci Mane Feat. Master P – “Brinks”

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<a href=""> This collaboration had been talked about for quite some time, but it is still interesting to see it actually come to fruition. The "Ice Cream Man" and the man with a ice cream cone tatted on his cheek combine forces for one hell of a pavement punisher - the Drumma Boy inspired "Brinks." In fact, there's enough bass in this song to act as an emergency defibrillator. The content itself is about as shallow as a puddle in the Sahara, but that's beyond the point. This is about that old money, that street money, that dirty money and all types of other dead white men on green pieces of paper that a Brinks truck could carry on one trip. About getting the No Limit General on the song, Radric had this to say: That’s a very hard song. I brought P back. P went hard on that song. I asked him a favor. I said, ‘P, I really want you to rap on this song with me.’ At first, he was reluctant to do it but then he did it for me. Shout out to the big homie for doing it for me because people are going to be so excited to peep that record, and he got a great verse. The Return Of Mr. Zone 6 hits a download link retail outlet near you on March 22. Gucci Mane Feat. Master P - "Brinks" (Prod. By Drumma Boy) Respect: <a href="">DGB</a> Related -- <a href="">Gucci Mane's The Return Of Mr. Zone 6 Track By Track Breakdown []</a>.

No Limit Records

The Greatest Hits From The Tank

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Ridged, rock-hard, plastic jewel cases.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – “Weed & Money”

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<a href=""> Gucci, OJ and Jewman are cool. Young Money, they're okay. What I miss right now is one of the original Southern dynasties, the old No Limit. <a href="">Master P Feat. Silkk The Shocker - "Weed & Money"</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.


“This Is A Ghetto Public Service Announcement…”

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One of the great mysteries of my life happens to be where my <a href="">Ghetto Dope</a> CD went.


Today’s Headline: “C-Murder Cannot Afford Appeal For Murder Case”

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For over a decade, I watched my grandfather & then my father spend incessantly on my aunt Jean, now the former junkie.


“Master Of The Universe…”

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About ten years ago, Percy Miller had it all.


“Rise To Power…”

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Words by Khalid Strickland The dope game ain’t what it used to be, but there’s still a few dollars to be squeezed out of the fiends.

veteran's day

“Gimme The Salute…”

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Seeing that I'm a veteran, I asked <a href="">Jeff</a> what they had planned for their weekly installment, he assured that I would be proud for they were doing a tribute to fallen soldiers.

#Jay Z

Live ’98

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This definitely goes without saying but in terms of posse cuts: 1998>2008 You can front all you want but all these "hood anthems" we're being bombarded with nowadays are straight up garbage, and forgettable.

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