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Dee-1 – “Master P”

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Say what you want about Percy Miller, but the man deserves credit for his impact during the 90s.


Ten Reasons To Revisit TRU’s “Hoody Hoo” Music Video

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While prepping for a night on the town this past Friday, I asked a buddy of mine which YouTube clip he wanted to help set the tone for our impending excursion.


DeMar DeRozan: See Me Now


*DeMar DeRozan got a taste of fame at an early age – it just wasn't his own.

Vybz Cartel

Cases By The Boatload: 8 Outrageous Court Orders MCs Want To Forget

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Earlier today, news began to surface that Game had been ordered by a judge to pay five million dollars to a group of North Carolina police officers.


On Mac, Market Saturation & The Demise Of No Limit Records

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If you attended high school during in the '90s, you'll undoubtedly remember when No Limit single-handedly kept record stores in business during the later portion of the decade.

Soulja Slim

The Return Of No Limit Records Is Upon Us

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Gas prices are dropping and Percy appears to have brought the tank back out for what the music industry dubs as a comeback.

Sonya Miller

Master P Only Pays $271 In Child Support For Four Kids?

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While it should be duly noted that the paternal side usually gets shafted in the court of law, Master Percy could probably tell The Roots a thing or two on how he got over.


4.28 The Cooler

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Jenn Yummy What the White iPhone 4 Says About the iPhone 5 [Gizmodo] Gary Busey Joins The Cast Of Piranha 3 Double D [FilmDrunk] Mailman Captured On Camera Taking A Dump In Citizen’s Yard [C&D] Top 10 Badass Girls In Film [Ask Men] The [...].

No Limit Records

The Greatest Hits From The Tank

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Ridged, rock-hard, plastic jewel cases.


“This Is A Ghetto Public Service Announcement…”

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One of the great mysteries of my life happens to be where my Ghetto Dope CD went.


Today’s Headline: “C-Murder Cannot Afford Appeal For Murder Case”

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For over a decade, I watched my grandfather & then my father spend incessantly on my aunt Jean, now the former junkie.


“Master Of The Universe…”

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About ten years ago, Percy Miller had it all.


“Rise To Power…”

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Words by Khalid Strickland The dope game ain’t what it used to be, but there’s still a few dollars to be squeezed out of the fiends.

veteran's day

“Gimme The Salute…”

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Seeing that I'm a veteran, I asked Jeff what they had planned for their weekly installment, he assured that I would be proud for they were doing a tribute to fallen soldiers.

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