Lizzy Caplan Spoke To The New York Times Magazine About Dildos And Tom Arnold

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Lizzy Caplan has many opinions on dildos, masturbation, and Tom Arnold


Lizzy Caplan Thought She Caused Michael Sheen To Vomit After Their First Sex Scene On ‘Masters Of Sex’

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Lizzy Caplan was on 'Conan' and relived her first sex scene with Michael Sheen on 'Masters of Sex,' an encounter that had vomit flying.


Weekend TV Preview: Will HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ Get Better This Week?

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'The Leftovers,' plus the series premiere of 'The Strain' and the second season premiere of 'Masters of Sex.'

undress me

The ‘First Kiss’ Director Got Strangers To Undress Each Other For ‘Masters Of Sex’

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The director of the "First Kiss" viral video is back with a new film titled "Undress Me" as part of the lead-up to Season 2 of "Masters of Sex."


Ranking Lizzy Caplan’s 8 Most Masterfully Sexy Moments

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It's Lizzy Caplan's birthday, so let's celebrate with the "Masters of Sex" star's most sexy moments.


Lizzy Caplan Doesn’t Want The Guys In Her Family To Watch ‘Masters Of Sex’

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Do you really need a reason to watch a show called "Masters of Sex"? Well, here's one, and it involves Lizzy Caplan.

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Birthday Suits FTW: Television Characters You Were Most Likely To See Naked in 2013

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Ten more (naked) reasons you should be watching ten of 2013's better television series.


Weekend Preview: Will This Be The End For ‘Homeland’s’ Nicholas Brody?

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Season finales of 'Homeland,' 'Masters of Sex,' and 'Survivor.'


Naked And Drunk Lizzy Caplan Was A Delight On The Set Of ‘True Blood’

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Lizzy Caplan talks about the first time she got naked on the set of 'True Blood.' Spoiler: It involved vodka and boners.

William Masters

‘Masters Of Sex’ Is Showtime’s New ‘Homeland’ For Better Or Worse

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How long can Masters of Sex sustain its creative momentum before it runs into what we’ll call the “Showtime problem?”


Lizzy Caplan Is Very Naked In The ‘Masters Of Sex’ Pilot That’s On YouTube Now

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Everyone, including Lizzy Caplan, gets naked in the pilot for Showtime's "Masters of Sex."


September 29th Is Going To Be A Murderous Night Of Television

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September 29th, the night of the "Breaking Bad" series finale, is going to be a jam-packed night of television.


Watch Lizzy Caplan And Michael Sheen Do Sexy Science Things In The Trailer For ‘Masters Of Sex’

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Showtime released an extended trailer for 'Masters of Sex,' featuring Lizzy Caplan and company doing lots of sex research.


Showtime’s ‘Masters Of Sex’ With Lizzy Caplan Looks Pretty Great

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"Masters of Sex" starring Lizzy Caplan. That's all you need to know.


The First-Look Trailer For Lizzy Caplan’s ‘Masters Of Sex’ Is Here

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Check out the trailer for Showtime's "Masters of Sex," starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Sheen.


Lizzy Caplan 'Sex'? Lizzy Caplan 'Sex.'

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Knowing full well that people like us exist — don't pretend you're not an "us" — Showtime has gone ahead and officially picked up "Masters of Sex," starring Lizzy Caplan, for a 12-episode first season, set to begin in 2013.


Lizzy Caplan to Star in ‘Masters of Sex’

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[faints] Showtime announced on Thursday (February 2) that [Michael] Sheen will play William Masters and [Lizzy] Caplan will be Virginia Johnson in "Masters of Sex," which focuses on the "human sexuality pioneers.

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