The Marlins Made Their GM The Manager, Which Is An Insane And Very Marlins Thing To Do


Owner Jeffrey Loria may have ruined all the optimism the Marlins were drawing heading into the season, which is par for his course.


Christian Yelich Walked-Off For The Marlins, So Dee Gordon Posterized Him With This Dunk

Please, PLEASE let this become a thing this year. The Miami Marlins are now the early favorites for the most fun young MLB team.


Dallas Latos Claims She Had A Bad Night At The National League Wild Card Game


As the Reds were losing to the Pirates, Dallas Latos claimed that a female Pirates fan attacked her and punched her three times while the cops ignored her.


On The Next Season Of Baseball Wives…


Depending on who you ask, the Cincinnati Reds probably gave up too much young talent in a deal for pitcher Mat Latos this offseason, but when Walt Jocketty wants a guy, he gets that guy, damn it.

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