Someone In Phoenix Distributed Educational Flyers Explaining Football Deflation With ‘A Little Math & Physics’

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The pamphlet claims it's just a little math and physics, but the numbers and letters used are awfully big.

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Raw’s Main Events Sucked In 2014 And Here’s The Math To Prove It

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Want to know how bad Raw's main-event scene was in 2014? Here's the math.


Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Now Helping Kids Prepare For The SAT


Catalyst Prep is using Kim Kardashians butt in multiple-choice math questions in order to teach students Geometry.


Amazing New Calculator App Will Make It Virtually Impossible For You To Fail At Math

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Take a picture of the equation and PhotoMath Calculator solves it in mere seconds!

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Check Out This 8th Grader’s Near Perfect ‘Star Wars’ Word Problem

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Topless Robot shared this amazing 'Star Wars' word problem from the mind of an 8th grade super fan.


‘It’s Non-Convergent!': Ranking The 5 Nerdiest ‘Futurama’ Episodes Ever

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Celebrating the show's love of math, science, and general geekery.


Timofey Mozgov Scored 93 Points On 15 Shots Because Math

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I don't know if Denver has started using the Rock N' Jock B-Ball Jam 10-point shot or what, but here's Timofey Mozgov's stat line from Thursday.


Important Science Explains Why You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

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NPR compared 74,476 pizza prices to answer the question: what do you pay per square inch of pizza for different pizza sizes?


The Science Of Santa


Up on the rooftop click, click, click.


Here Are 25 Geeky Halloween Pumpkins To Class Up Your Porch This Year

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It's going to be Halloween soon, and one thing is certain. Pumpkins are evil and must be punished, so here are 25 geeky Halloween pumpkins to try at home.


36 Unusual Units of Measurement


Did you know words like "jiffy" and "dash" and "pinch" actually have very specific meanings.


Calculating The Odds of Filling Out a Perfect NCAA Bracket


What are the odds you'll fill out a perfect bracket this year.


Hollywood Hates Math


A supercut of moments in TV and cinema where characters talk bad about math.

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Important Question Of The Day: How Long Would It Take To Mop The Death Star?


What would it take to mop the floors of the Death Star from 'Star Wars', besides a bunch of midichlorians we refuse to acknowledge?

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White House Petition To Build The Death Star Receives Enough Signatures To Warrant A Response


A petition to build a Death Star garnered enough signatures to warrant an official White House response. We also know what that would actually cost.


Twilight For Math Nerds


Twilight seen through the eyes of someone who focuses on numbers.

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