Amazing New Calculator App Will Make It Virtually Impossible For You To Fail At Math

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Take a picture of the equation and PhotoMath Calculator solves it in mere seconds!


This Is What An 11-Set Venn Diagram Looks Like

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It's beautiful, yet useless. Hey, at least it won't be used in a rage comic.


Yes, Algebra Is Necessary

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People hate it in high school, but it's not algebra itself: It's how it's taught.


Real Life Police Precog Program Doesn’t Need Creepy Wet Mutants

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Giving cops the ability to predict future crimes sure sounds like a great idea (as long as Tom Cruise isn't involved), but how do you do it.

yeah he's not crazy or anything

Mathematician “Controls the Universe”?

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Generally, when somebody turns down a major award like the Fields Medal for achievement in higher mathematics, and then turns down a $1 million prize, it's usually because they're excessively modest, or feel their work speaks for itself and that awards are unnecessary.

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