Never Forget, Unless We Tell You To

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In a pro football world where wearing high-top cleats to honor the passing of Johnny Unitas can earn you a $25,000 fine, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that players hoping to wear red, white and blue gear on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is a punishable offense.


The Colts Had A Good Idea They Were Screwed

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When the Indianapolis Colts signed Peyton Manning to a 5-year deal worth $90 million (all of it guaranteed), most people assumed that was a pretty good sign that his surgically-repaired neck was doing just fine.


Watch The Thrown: Your Ever-Updating 2011 NFL Trade Roundup

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After more than four months of hibernation, the NFL blasted off this week after the players and owners signed the new CBA.


It’s Almost Like The Lockout Never Happened

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You may not be able to tell, but that image above is Photoshopped.


Two People Predicted The Final Four

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ESPN reported last night that just two of the 5.


Pete Carroll Shows He Cares…By Scaring His Team S—less

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Newly minted Seattle Seahawk head coach Pete Carroll's never ending tour of trying to be the zany coach every player is supposed to love continued this week as he used the old parlor trick retirement home facilitators use to thin out the herd by putting a fake snake in a water cooler then videotaping the subsequent reactions.



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Matt Hasselbeck and Mack Strong attended a recent Republican fundraiser where they presented President Bush with a Seahawks jersey.



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Today the discusses how all his rose tattoos are in honor of “the women in my life,” including his mother, sisters, nieces and a grandmother.



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Friends, I won't lie to you: after Matt Hasselbeck threw his third interception 16 minutes into the game, I very nearly walked into traffic.

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