Frotcast 236: ‘American Sniper’ With Matt Ufford; A Man With Two Buttholes

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We talk 'American Sniper' with Marine veteran Matt Ufford, and field an email from a guy with two buttholes.


The FilmDrunk Frotcast 2014: Only The Best Parts

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One brave listener took all his favorite parts of the Frotcast from 2014 and edited it into one massive Frotcast.


Frotcast 210: ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’, The Leftovers, and Matt Ufford Makes A Nice Summer Salad

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This week's podcast talks The Leftovers, Weekend at Bernie's, Tim Howard and the World Cup with Matt Ufford while he makes himself a nice summer salad.


Frotcast 189: Matt Ufford, The Fantasy Oscar Draft Update

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SB Nation Fantasy Football Vlogger Matt Ufford joins the FilmDrunk crew for a podcast about Sochi Olympics failure porn and insanely nationalistic Super Bowl ads.


Frotcast 181: Matt Ufford and The Pomegrandler

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Find out what SB Nation Fantasy Football Guru Matt Ufford has to say about 30 for 30, herpes, and vegan hippie pomegranate enthusiasts.

#christopher walken

Their Christopher Walken shirts are kissing!


Sam Rockwell and Colin Farrell are both wearing Christopher Walken shirts.


Ufford plays with dogs, Cat bowling, Morning Links

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Here's our pal Ufford at the Brooklyn Mutt Show.


Headline of the Day, Ufford pets dogs, Morning Links

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Not only is this headline amazing, in the picture it looks like old sweater vest is holding a couple of dicks.


Willem Dafoe wants to S your D (Frotcast 85)

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I'm posting this here because I assume only Frotcast listeners will enjoy it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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