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Matt Weiner Discusses The Books That Influenced Him When Writing ‘Mad Men’

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Mad Men creator Matt Weiner discussed the books that have influenced him with the New York Times.

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UPROXX Interview: ‘Mad Men’ Creator Matt Weiner On His Show's Obsessive Fans & His Own TV-Viewing Habits

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In conjunction with Mad Men returning for its seventh season on April 13th, we spoke with creator Matt Weiner by phone last week to discuss the show.


Brett Martin Knows How ‘Breaking Bad’ Will End (Or At Least That’s What He Wants You To Think)

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With "Difficult Men" Brett Martin has written perhaps the definitive account of the new Golden Age of television. He was nice enough to talk to us recently.

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Matt Weiner: ‘No One Is Going To Die…This Season’ On ‘Mad Men’

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MAJOR LATE BREAKING FRIDAY AFTERNOON DEVELOPMENT: Mad Men creator Matt Weiner says that everyone, including Megan Draper, is safe.

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Mad Men Discussion: Okay, Seriously, What The Hell Did January Jones Do To Matt Weiner?

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Watching last night's episode of Mad Men, I was once again struck -- powerfully so -- with the belief that January Jones had to have done something to spark Matt Weiner's ire for him to turn Betty Draper into arguably the most unlikeable character in the history of television.

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