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Whoops, Somebody Went And Got 'Max Payne 3' In Our 'Grand Theft Auto V'

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Grand Theft Auto V's combat will be fresh, and exciting and new! Well, unless you've played Max Payne 3...

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Rockstar Creates a Jerks-Only Pool for Max Payne 3 Cheaters

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Online multiplayer is a nice idea in theory, but most online games are only playable for a few weeks at most before they're completely overtaken by cheaters.


"Max Payne 3": The Review

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"Max Payne 3", as a game, is polished to a ridiculously high sheen.

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"Max Payne 3": Initial Impressions

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I'm still a little loopy from playing "Diablo III" for six hours, but I took a nap and got a little time in playing the second most anticipated title coming out today.


Max Payne 3 Makes Its TV Debut


We're t-minus one month away from Max Payne 3's launch.


All In Or Bargain Bin?: Max Payne 3

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The shooter popularity contest currently goes as follows.

pax east

PAX East: "Max Payne 3"


You might think Rockstar would have other games coming out, but not according to their booth, with its huge banners and epic wait to see "Max Payne 3".

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“Max Payne 3″ Delayed?

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Were you hoping to kill Brazilian gangsters as part of your celebration of the coming of spring.


The Official Max Payne 3 Trailer


Don't let the alcoholic appearance fool you.

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