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Mayer Hawthorne – “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” Video

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<a href=""> To coincide with a collaborative effort <a href=""> between Stones Throw, Freegums and Huf</a>, here's a clip of Mayer covering a Tony Bennett original.


11.7 The Cooler

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Reshika Renee, A Ghetto Princess Everyday A JLo "Sexy Tape" Is Coming Soon <a href="">[D-Listed]</a> UPS Worker Says He Was Fired For Not Delivering Pot <a href="|main|dl4|link7|">[AOL]</a> 5 Inappropriate Situations To Twitter <a href="">[College Humor]</a> STPL x Airwalk Terrain <a href="">[Daily Drop]</a> MF DOOM x Sesame Street <a href="">[SRD]</a> Teddy Riley Cries Murder… And I Agree.


The Strangest Of Arrangements

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Photo: Henry DeMaio The County rolled mid-set into a live version of <a href="">Slum Village's "Fall In Love."</a> The Michigan-born bassist and guitarist supplied harmonies for Dilla's haunting hook, while <a href="">Mayer Hawthorne</a> let a beyond-capacity crowd at L.


Video: Dear Mayer, Episode 4


Haircut with more moves from the player's playbook.


Dear Mayer…

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I once went to a Mayer Hawthorne performance & I got hit in the head with panties.

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Video: Mayer Hawthorne Live At Santos

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To those who know me I've been quite the fan of Mayer Hawthorne ever since <a href="">LC</a> put me on to <a href="">her Detroit comrade</a>.


Video: The Mayer Hawthorne Barbershop Quartet

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I've been quietly waiting on the greenlight to release this.

Mayer Hawthorne and the County

Considering Everybody

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On Sunday night in Michigan, Mayer Hawthorne a.


Mayer Hawthorne “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” Video

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The Mayer's first video for his album A Strange Arrangement, coming out on Stones Throw.


Mayer Hawthorne – “I Wish It Would Rain” Video

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Previously Posted -- <a href="">Mayer Hawhtorne & The County - “Maybe So, Maybe No”</a> | <a href="">Mayer Hawthorne’s Fave Five</a>.


“Maybe So, Maybe No”

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The good folks @ Stones Throw let the leash off this digital leak for <a href="">Mayer Hawthorne's</a> "Maybe So, Maybe No" before it's pressed into 12" wax & released in May.

The Marvelettes

Mayer Hawthorne’s Fave Five

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Mayer Hawthorne is a man of distinction -- he wears argyle sweaters, neckties and sunglasses five days out of seven, and subsists on breakfast foods two of three square meals a day.


The Week That Was: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Posts

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LC doesn't care for <a href="">the New Boyz</a> or her <a href="">old boy</a> but she encouraged us all to root for that boy, <a href="">Mayer Hawthorne</a>.


Introducing Mayer Hawthorne And The County…

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Haircut is as Detroit as Faygo, Motown, Belle Isle, and Lafayette Coney Island with extra chili and onions all in one.

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