Watch These Australian Newsreaders Get Into An Epic ‘Anchorman’-Style Brawl

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A group of newscasters showed off their sense of humor and their combat skills in an 'Anchorman' homage video with plenty of bloodshed.

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Microsoft Will Roll Out Its ‘Halo’ TV Series Early Next Year

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Halo finally gets its TV series... but what else will be accompanying it?

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The Video Streaming Guide To The Xbox One And The PS4

By | 4 Comments

The PS4 and Xbox One will both have powerful video streaming features at launch... but which one should you choose?


‘Mega Mosquitoes’ Have Not Invaded Florida… They’ve Been There All Along

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Known as gallinippers, the so-called mega, mutant mosquitoes that have 'invaded' Florida this summer have actually been there all along.

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Disney’s New Star Wars URLs Hint At Expanded Universe And Gungans

By | 23 Comments

Disney is digging deep into the Expanded Universe of Star Wars. Unfortunately, Gungans are part of the Expanded Universe of Star Wars.


Viacom Continues To Sue YouTube, Its Best Friend


In 2007, Viacom sued YouTube for a billion dollars.


Nobody Has To Pay A Cent For America Seeing Janet Jackson’s Nipple


Speaking of NFL halftime shows, remember how we, as a culture, freaked the hell out over seeing a boob on national TV back in 2004.


Steelers Coach Puts ESPN In Its Place

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No matter how much you might hate the Steelers (or passively loathe them, as I do), it's difficult to deny the awesomeness of head coach Mike Tomlin.

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Mass Effect Gets Movie Deal, But What About The “Sex Scenes”?


If you've got a popular video game, of course you're going to try to put it up on the big screen.

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Killing Nuns Is An Achievement In Red Dead Redemption (In Real Life, Not So Much)

By | 19 Comments

Ok, we're all familiar with video game fun being misinterpreted by the media.



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Good news for people that can't get enough Joe Buck (and if you're one of those people, you're a sick bastard); HBO has picked up Joe Buck Live, which is reportedly a new(.

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