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The Philadelphia Daily News Wins The Marshawn Lynch Media Day Hot Take Award


You knew the Marshawn hot takes were coming. Cheers to Marcus Hayes for having the hottest.

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Jimmy Kimmel Sent Guillermo To The NBA Finals Media Day And It Was Hilarious


'Jimmy Kimmel Live' security guard Guillermo made his way back to the NBA Finals media day again, and he still had no luck with LeBron.


Brian Scalabrine’s Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo Is The Best Thing Ever


Brian Scalabrine showed up for his Golden State media day photo with quite the interesting black eye.


Trew To The Game At New Orleans Hornets Media Day: Love, Gospel & Books On Tape

In case you ever wanted to hear Anthony Davis sing, here's the latest episode of Trew To The Game, about New Orleans Hornets Media Day.


The Miami Heat Don’t Need A Fifth Starter And The Best Of The 2012 NBA Media Day


Yesterday marked the first meaningless burp of the 2012-13 NBA season, as players casually took their time arriving to their respective arenas to be prepped for clich├ęs and generic positive statements about their chances this year, as part of the 2012 NBA Media Day.

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