A Baby Believed To Be Cured Of HIV Now Has HIV

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In 2013, it seemed that a baby had been cured of HIV. Sadly, now, not so much.


The First Survivor Of Terminal Brain Cancer Is Not Who You’d Expect

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The first person to survive terminal brain cancer is still dealing with second grade. Meet Claudia Burkill.

cancer treatments

Cancer Eradicated In Mayo Clinic Patient By Using The Measles Vaccine

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One patient at the Mayo Clinic went into remission from cancer after receiving a superdose of the measles vaccine in a clinical trial.

does this mean no more free cookies?

There Will Be (Mass Produced, Artificial Human) Blood

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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a way to coax human stem cells into producing artificial blood.


The First Lab-Grown Vagina Implants Have Been A Success

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Four teenage girls born without a vagina (due to Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome) have had long-term success with lab-grown vagina implants.


Scientists Have Regenerated A Living Organ For The First Time


Regenerative medicine researchers have successfully regenerated a living organ in a mammal for the first time. Much science. So breakthrough. Wow.


Suspended Animation Is Here! Human Trials Set To Begin.

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Doctors in Pittsburgh are ready to test an experimental suspended animation technique to treat patients with fatal traumatic injuries, like gunshot wounds.


An Irish Man Suffered A Five-Week Erection After A Mountain Bike Crash

By | 2 Comments

According to a report in the Irish Medical Journal, a man was treated for a severe, 5-week erection after he was injured in a mountain bike accident.


Science May Cure Alzheimer’s By Blasting It With Lasers

By | 4 Comments

Science blasts everything with lasers, but in the case of Alzheimer's, it might just work.


Google Wants To End Aging With Calico

By | 4 Comments

Don't want to get old? Nobody at Google does either, apparently.


This Phlebotomist Robot Thirsts For Your Blood (Video And GIFs)

By | 5 Comments

Someone built a phlebotomist robot that can insert IVs and partially automate blood draws. THANKS, WE NEEDED THAT.


31 Very Strange Medical Conditions That Actually Exist


<a href="">John Green</a> takes a look at some very strange medical conditions, including Retired Husband Syndrome and Exploding Head Syndrome.


Playing Tetris Helps Treat A Tricky Vision Problem. SCIENCE!


Robert Hess and his team at McGill University have found a shockingly-fast treatment for Amblyopia that we can totally get behind: playing Tetris.


Shock The Monkey: Paralyzed Primate Fixed By Neural Bridge Implant


A formerly-paralyzed monkey is back in poop-flinging shape thanks to a new electronic bypass system which creates a neural bridge.


New Gene Therapy Treatment Stops Cancer Relapses In A Week


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is not something you want to get. But a promising new treatment might mean in the future it's not something you have for long.


Mass Effect’s Medi-Gel Made Real: This Gel Stops Bleeding Instantly

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Wouldn't it be nice to have something similar to Medi-Gel in real life? NYU student Joe Landolina is now seeking FDA approval for Veti-Gel.


Well, Crap: Salty Diets May Aggravate Conditions Like Asthma


It turns out your salty diet may be making it harder to breathe, or making conditions like multiple sclerosis worse. But why?


The Best Feel Good Story Possible: Baby Cured Of HIV

By | 8 Comments

Only the second person in history to be fully cured of the virus...


Blind People Given Bionic Eyes Can See Again

By | 5 Comments

While Google was goofing around with dork-glasses, researchers were helping the blind to see.

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