Science Has Finally Determined The Average Penis Size

By | 22 Comments

British researchers have established what the average penis really is. Suffice to say, it's not what people self-report.


This Doctor Plans To Transplant A Human Head. How Is That Possible? We Explain.

By | 4 Comments

An Italian neurosurgeon thinks he can pull off a head transplant in 2017... but can he, really? And should he?


Watch ‘Star Wars’ Become Reality With These Bionic Hand Transplants

By | 3 Comments

Luke's robot hand from 'Empire' is now a real thing those with nerve damage can get.


So, Uh, Keeping Kids Away From Peanuts Might Make Peanut Allergies Worse

By | 16 Comments

Avoid peanuts, your kid won't be allergic, right? Well... not so much, according to new research.


Meet The World’s Latest Terrifying Micro-Organism: The Bourbon Virus

By | 9 Comments

If you didn't already hate ticks? We've got another reason for you, the new, fatal Bourbon virus.


Is Your Cola Giving You Cancer? We Explain.

By | 14 Comments

Yes, your soda may be giving you cancer. But the situation is far different from what the hype is making it sound like.


Meet Foregen, The People Who Want To Regrow Your Foreskin

By | 14 Comments

Want a new foreskin? Foregen wants to grow you one! Possibly whether you want one or not.


Tattoo Removal Is Now As Simple As Rubbing On A Cream

By | 25 Comments

A graduate student, in the course of life-saving research, has discovered a technique to save you a little embarrassment.


A San Francisco Hospital Has A Helper Robot Called ‘Tug’

By | 8 Comments

A fleet of Tug travel the halls of a new San Francisco hospital, disappointing people who discover they're not THAT kind of robot.


Heart Your Heart: The Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate


There have been over 40 different health benefits discovered to eating chocolate. Here's some of the best.


A New Government Study Says Driving Stoned Isn’t Nearly As Bad As Driving Drunk

By | 14 Comments

Surprisingly, the government's overview of marijuana research finds driving stoned, while dumb, isn't as bad as driving drunk.


A Fecal Transplant May Have Just Offered Dramatic Proof That Obesity Is Caused By Gut Flora

By | 10 Comments

A woman got a fecal transplant and may have accidentally helped prove a link between gut floral and obesity.


You Can Earn Up To $13,000 A Year By Selling Your Healthy Poop To Scientists

By | 4 Comments

OpenBiome is offering up to $13,000 a year for health individuals willing to donate their poo.

3D printing

World’s Greatest Husband Used A 3D Printer To Save His Wife’s Eyesight

By | 6 Comments

Michael Balzer used his skills to save his wife from invasive brain surgery. He is automatically a better spouse than you.


The Cause Of The Majority Of Cancers? ‘Bad Luck’.

By | 6 Comments

Some of the most dangerous cancers out there are pretty much a roll of the dice, according to new research.


Science Finally Explains Why We Fart More On Airplanes

By | 8 Comments

The people farting on your flight can't help it: biology and physics are working against them.


Scientists Fact-Check Dr. Oz, And It’s Even Worse Than You Thought

By | 23 Comments

Dr. Oz doesn't play much of a doctor on TV, according to actual doctors who fact-checked his show.


The New, Cutting-Edge Depression Treatment Is… Ketamine?

By | 11 Comments

Ketamine is a drug ravers love... but increasingly, it's being used by doctors as a treatment for depression.


Today In NOPE: This Guy Had A Tapeworm Crawling Around In His Brain

By | 6 Comments

Think you're having a bad day? Imagine being the doctor who found a tapeworm in some poor guy's brain.

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