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Here’s The First Teaser For The Final Season Of ‘Mad Men’

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We don't know what the plot of the final season of "Mad Men" is, but I assume it involves everyone walking around attractively.

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Matthew Weiner Puts To Rest The Theories Connecting Sharon Tate And D.B. Cooper To ‘Mad Men’

By | 5 Comments

Matthew Weiner debunks popular Charles Manson-related conspiracy theories for 'Mad Men.'

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Matthew Weiner Is Still Trolling ‘Mad Men’ Theorists With Even More Charles Manson Allusions

By | 29 Comments

Matthew Weiner resurrected his favorite game in last night's 'Mad Men' episode: Screw with the Charles Manson theorists.

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15 Megan Draper/Sharon Tate Connections That Prove ‘Mad Men’ Is Just Straight-Up Trolling Us Now

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Here's a complete aggregation of the Megan Draper/Sharon Tate connections in 'Mad Men.' Does it convince you Megan Draper is going to die? Or just the opposite?

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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: ‘Pay Attention. This Is The Beginning of Something.’

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A rundown of the seventh season premiere of 'Mad Men,' plus discussion theories.

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These Photos Of Jessica Paré In Esquire Will Make You Wish 'Mad Men' Was On NOW

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How many days until "Mad Men" is back? Whatever the answer is, it's not soon enough.

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Matt Weiner: ‘No One Is Going To Die…This Season’ On ‘Mad Men’

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MAJOR LATE BREAKING FRIDAY AFTERNOON DEVELOPMENT: Mad Men creator Matt Weiner says that everyone, including Megan Draper, is safe.

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Esquire Put The Megan Draper-Approved Sharon Tate Photoshoot Online

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See the Sharon Tate photoshoot that may have inspired Megan Draper on "Mad Men."

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The Megan Draper As Sharon Tate Theory Is The Greatest ‘Mad Men’ Theory Ever

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Was the shirt that Megan Draper was wearing in this week's episode a tip off to the fact that she may be murdered by season's end?

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All The GIFs You’ll Ever Need Of Megan’s Mom Channeling Her Inner Lucille Bluth In Sunday’s ‘Mad Men’

By | 15 Comments

Julia Ormond has done a fantastic job of portraying Marie Calvet, Megan Draper's increasingly bitter mother, on Mad Men. Let's honor her with GIFs!

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TV GIFs Of The Week (And The Best Of Megan Draper)

By | 10 Comments

The best TV GIFs of the week, including "Archer" and "The Americans," as well as a collection of GIFs featuring Megan Draper from "Mad Men."


Bobby Draper Isn't Dead, And Other Revelations From The Latest Batch Of 'Mad Men' Stills

By | 36 Comments

Check out a gallery of new stills from "Mad Men" season six, including the return of Bobby Draper.


Megan Draper From ‘Mad Men’ Performed A Duet With The Jesus And Mary Chain


Naturally, this has led me to ponder, "Gee, I wonder which member of Jesus and Mary Chain is the lucky bastard boning Jessica Pare right now?"

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