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Esquire’s Megan Fox Profile is Hilariously Overwrought Journo-Porn

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Writing about Megan Fox as the modern-day Marilyn Monroe, as in, finding elaborate ways to say "people are interested in her because she's pretty," is already pretty passé at this point, so if you're going to do it, you better pontificate, hard.


'Wedding Band' Explains Why Sci-Fi Shows Have Cop-Out Endings Via Megan Fox Sex Scene

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A deep critique about an entire genre of TV from...a sex scene with Megan Fox?


Megan Fox Talks To Dolphins And Loves Science In An Ad For A Product We’ve Forgotten Already

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Megan Fox walks out of a pitch meeting about "unicorns, zebras, you're in your underwear... in space" so that she can focus on talking to dolphins.


Judd Apatow’s This is 40, now with MEGAN FOX IN BRA AND PANTIES!

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Universal just released the full-length trailer for Judd Apatow's This is 40 (opening December 21st), and obviously, since this is a website dedicated to the serious discussion of cinema-films and their place in the annals of celluloid museums art, I tried to pick a screencap that was central to the plot, which just so happens to deal with MEGAN FOX BRA AND PANTIES TAKING HER CLOTHES OFF UPSKIRT LESBIAN KITTENS GOOGLE.


Megan Fox Is The New 'Face' Of The Sharper Image


I guess there's still a market for holiday gifts that work properly for a month on average because not only is The Sharper Image still in business, but they've hired the dynamic easy-to-look-at Megan Fox as the face of their business.

Alicia Keys

20 Of The Creepiest Female Celebrities With Beards

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Upping the creepiness ante on <a href="" target="_blank">celebrites without eyebrows</a>, FreakingNews.


Dwight Howard Convinced To Stay In Orlando By This Heavily Edited Fan Video


I don't know if Ray William Johnson invented that YouTube "edit 3 times in the same sentence so I jump around the screen" thing, but I'm blaming it for him anyway.


Megan Fox Isn't Allowed to Watch 'Beverly Hills 90210'

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Everybody read this block quote while I go find the clip of David Silver rapping at the dance.


The Washed Ferrari Scale: Rating Michael Bay's Leading Ladies

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As we’ve discussed plenty in recent years, Michael Bay is a man of extravagant taste.


Nyansanity: Jeremy Lin As Nyan Cat And Thursday Morning Links

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If you didn't think this would exist, welcome to the Internet.


Meme Watch: ‘2/10, Would Not Bang’ Is Here To Help Point Out The Flaws You May Have Missed

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Stop me if you've heard this, but apparently the internet can occasionally be overly hyper-critical.


Megan Fox, Mike Tyson Star In ‘Megan Fox Island’


Megan Fox and Mike Tyson star in a commercial for CCAA, a language school in Brazil, and we will now forever be in CCAA's debt for introducing us to the concepts of "Megan Fox Island" and "Mike Tyson Island.

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Meet The Guy Who Takes The Most Awkward Photos With Celebrities Ever

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There are a million reasons that I love <a href="">Reddit</a>, among them the feeling of community, the camaraderie of the Internet’s most creative minds, and the righteous championing of a variety of social and political causes, but today it’s because it introduces us to someone truly remarkable: The presently anonymous gentleman above.


Hey, you got Megan Fox in my Bridesmaids!

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DENVER BRONCOS Finally Answers The Tim Tebow Question Nobody Has Been Asking

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I read through a lot of gossip sites and strange, random fan blogs each week, not because I want to actually know anything about the personal lives of fame-starved reality trolls, but because we like to make fun of really stupid stuff that people do.

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Billy Crystal’s Low-Rent Academy Awards Trailer is Terrible

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The 84th Academy Awards will air on ABC on February 26th (insert obligatory circle-jerk joke here) and will be hosted by Billy Crystal because, why not.


People not excited about the Oscars? BRING IN JOSH DUHAMEL!

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When it was announced that Billy Crystal would host the Oscars after Brett Ratner <a href="" target="_blank">got fired</a> for <a href="" target="_blank">calling everyone a fag</a> and Eddie Murphy <a href="" target="_blank">went with him</a>, the world responded with a resounding "meh.

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The Best and Worst of Movie-Poster Booty

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An enormous amount of money and effort goes into a movie's marketing campaign.

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