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The Best Of The ‘Community’ Writers’ Reddit AMA

By | 25 Comments

The best question and answers from the Reddit Ask Me Anything hosted by "Community" writers.

Megan Ganz Leaves ‘Community.’ Is This The Series’ Death Knell?

By | 37 Comments

One of the best writers on 'Community,' is leaving the series to take a position on 'Modern Family.'


‘Community’ Writer Megan Ganz’s Dog Delmar Is Delightful

By | 4 Comments

Megan Ganz tweeted a cute picture of her recursive dog, Delmar, and we introduce him to the clubhouse of delightfully recursive dogs and cats.


'Community' Fan Creates Video Game Inspired By Dan Harmon's Reddit AMA, Makes 'Community' Writer Cry

By | 3 Comments

A Redditor created a free 8-bit game based on 'Community' creator Dan Harmon's description of the scene Chevy Chase refused to film.


A Q&A with 'Community' Writer Megan Ganz

By | 17 Comments

When I asked two comedy nerd friends of mine if they had any questions for <a href="!/MEGANGANZ">Megan Ganz</a>, a writer for “Community,” their responses were as follow: “She has an awesome job” and “How did she get the position.

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