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Several Movie Studios Have Hit Kim Dotcom And Megaupload With A Lawsuit

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Several movie studios have filed a copyright suit against the Megaupload founder and others involved in the service.


Megaupload Shutdown Actually *Hurt* Box Office Revenues. Kind Of.

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A new study argues that shutting down Megaupload may have actually hurt box office revenues for some films.


Kim Dotcom Calls Out, Taunts Obama In Hilariously Awful Diss Track

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Look, I know what you've been thinking. You've spent countless hours looking up at the stars thinking, "Man, when is that new Kim Dotcom track gonna drop?" Well wait no more, tortured soul. It's here.


MegaUpload Kicks FBI In The Teeth In Major Ruling

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Remember when <a href="">the FBI shut down MegaUpload?</a> Boy, that was sure a win for the federal government.

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Turns Out The Government Was Using MegaUpload Too


<a href=""></a>We've mentioned before that as the MPAA and RIAA pursue <a href="">a new strategy of shutting down every site that lets you upload a file to the Internet</a>, that a lot of innocent people are going to discover their files held hostage.


Hypocrisy In Hollywood: The Infographic


We spend some serious time outlining Hollywood hypocrisy around these parts, whether it be <a href="" target="_blank">why SOPA is the worst</a>, or <a href="" target="_blank">why PIPA is the worst</a>, or pretty much <a href="" target="_blank">anything Dan writes</a>.

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Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Is The World’s Best Modern Warfare 3 Player

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Prior to a few days ago, few people had ever heard of the ridiculously named Kim Dotcom (no, that's not his real name), the founder of Megaupload.


Anonymous Is Throwing Its Usual Hissy Fit Today


<a href=""></a>Don't worry if you can't access various government websites today: in the wake of MegaUpload getting taken down by the Feds, they're running around shutting down websites and being annoying.


Megaupload Shut Down, Founders And Employees Charged With Piracy Law Violations

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A couple of years ago I subscribed to the Department of Justice's email press release list so that I wouldn't miss any info about raids they conducted on meth labs in rural Ohio.


The Megaupload Controversy Plot Thickens

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As you might remember, Megaupload recently <a href="">posted a star-studded video defending itself recently to YouTube</a>, only for Universal Music Group to issue a takedown notice.

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Megaupload Is The New ‘We Are The World,’ Apparently

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Back when I was a kid, to get an eye-popping collection of musical talent like P Diddy, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Lil John, Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige, The Game and Will.

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