Trailer: A Single Shot stars angry disheveled Sam Rockwell

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I missed this trailer for A Single Shot when it first came out, but it just played Tribeca a couple days ago, and you know what.


Second 'Oblivion' Trailer Ditches The WALL-E Overtones For More Olga Kurylenko


Here's the second trailer for 'Oblivion', starring Tom Cruise as a reverse WALL-E, stripping an abandoned Earth of its resources. Take that, Earth.


‘Oblivion’ Trailer Answers The Question, ‘What If Tom Cruise Were WALL-E?’

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Here's the first trailer for 'Oblivion', starring Tom Cruise as a reverse WALL-E, stripping an abandoned Earth of its resources. Take that, Earth.


The Hydrox Version Of 'White House Down' Has Been Cast

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As we’ve previously reported, Channing Tatum’s upcoming action film White House Down has been fast-tracked for production beginning next month after it was revealed that a similar project, White House Taken, was being shopped around at Cannes.


Kevin Smith’s Red State is… an action movie?

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Trailer day continues here on FilmDrunk, with the new red-band trailer for Kevin Smith's Red State and sh*t.


Oscar recap — The King’s Speech? Really?

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[here's that autotune sketch, easily the highlight of the evening - via <a href="http://thedailywh.at/2011/02/27/2011-academy-awards-autotune-the-oscars/">DailyWhat</a>] The Oscars happened last night and The King's Speech was the big winner, taking home Best Picture, Best Director for Tom Hooper (he didn't deserve it for this, but call it a late award for John Adams), Best Actor for Colin Firth, and Best Original Screenplay for 73-year-old David Seidler.


Kevin Smith discussing his weight loss with Joy Behar now

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Every time I want to jump on the internets-hate-Kevin-Smith-now <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/01/james-marsh-on-kevin-smith-whats-his-fking-problem" target="_blank">bandwagon</a>, and it's often tempting, I'll hear him on some radio show and can't help but think that he's still a pretty likable guy.


Your mom won the SAG Award for ‘Most Saggy’

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The SAG Awards happened last night, and I wish I could tell you whether anything interesting happened, but I was curled up in a little ball hoping handfuls of advil would bring down the fever I seem to have caught in Sundance.

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The 83rd Annual Oscar Nominations, Yo

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The nominations for the 83rd annual Academy Awards are out, and the nominees are less surprising than finding out Paris Hilton had herpes (haha, good one, Jay).

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