joe biden

Another Glorious Joe Biden Meme Is Making The Rounds On Twitter

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Most entries made clever use of old jokes, but they all missed the obvious: this is the cover of Biden's upcoming emo album.


Drake Has Officially Birthed The Greatest Hip-Hop-Related Meme Of All Time

By | 9 Comments

Drake's wardrobe has birthed a meme that has taken a life of its own.


The Nike Swoosh Fine Art Meme Gives New Meaning To ‘Just Do It’

By | 4 Comments

One masterful Tumblr user has created a slew of new 'advertisements' that reinterprets Nike's famous logo and catchphrase.


Tumblr Alert: What If All Of Hollywood Was On Facebook?

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One new Tumblr imagines what would happen if Hollywood's finest (and not so finest) hung out on Facebook all day, because why the hell not?!


The ‘New York Times’ Turns Run-Of-The-Mill Articles Into Brilliant Haikus


Launched as an April Fools' Day joke, the New York Times Haiku Tumblr is actually kind of amazing.


Everyone Needs To Pray That Kate Upton Just Started A New Meme

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For all of its pros and cons, Twitter is, at best, a valuable educational device.

tim tebow

Meme Watch: Homeschool Harold Is Here To Remind You Homeschooling Is The Weirdest

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When Tim Tebow divisiveness hit an all-time high a month or so ago I couldn't help but revert back to the same feelings I've had about the guy since I first heard his story when he was being recruited by UF: Homeschooled = Weird.


Heeeeeeeere's Bachmann! Six Hilarious Here's Johnny! Parodies

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This past week Newsweek had Republican/Tea Party Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann on the cover looking particularly insane to the great delight of liberals and the annoyance of her fans.

Sci Fi

7 Sci-Fi Philosoraptors: Dinosaur Meme Tackles Time Travel, Space

By | 3 Comments

It occurred to me the other day that the Internet's second most popular philosophy dinosaur comic (behind   .

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