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And This Is What Caused The Big Jay Z/Nas Beef

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There are two types of days: Days when we're talking Memphis Bleek, and days when we aren't.

Triple Beam Dreams

Kingpen Slim Ft. Memphis Bleek – “No Photos”


Last Friday, I thumbed through the music files on my smartphone hoping to find something that would give me the energy to push through to the weekend.


Memphis Bleek – “I Know You Don’t Love Me”

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Memphis Bleek knows you hoes don't love him, especially not when Hov's in town.

Young Chris

Freeway, Neef, Young Chris, Memphis Bleek & Peedi Crakk – “Roc Reloaded”

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While Hot 97 has been in the news recently for less than exemplary reasons, I'll be forever indebted to the station for the night Jay-Z brought his newly-formed Roc clique to the station and let his guys rip apart beats for an hour more than a decade ago.

Trick Daddy

The iPod Shuffle – Memphis Bleek’s “Round Here”

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Time hasn't been kind to Memphis Bleek, but that doesn't detract from one of the best group cuts of the 2000s.

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7 WTF Endorsement Deals Featuring Rappers

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Last week, we laughed at the thought of Trina posing as the spokeswoman for Tax USA but she’s neither the first, nor will she be the last rapper to appear in a questionable advertisement.

The Return 2

Memphis Bleek – “Before Memphis”

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Even though he hears the naysayers, Bleek isn't backin' down and he's still marching ahead towards the release of The Return 2 project and the full length release, The Process.

The Process

Memphis Bleek – “Still Ill”

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Young Memphis isn't playing the apprentice anymore.

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Event Recap: Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Tour

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At this point in my blogging career, there's no need to describe situations as "surreal.

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Notable Quotable – Young Chris On “Run To The Roc”

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"I love my niggas for life, ain't no doubt about that My nigga (Free), My nigga (Crakk) Blow a shot for Mack Oschino & Sparks, them niggas my heart Sold by plunder, keep it 100 from the start 'Whole Prop, we was fresh off the block like what Came at Nas, came at the Lox Ain't give a fuck Whoever came at Big Homie had a problem with us See we was all we knew, in Roc-A-Fella we trust Now this bullshit split-up, fucked the whole shit up Knocked us back to scraddles, fuck we get back to that.

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He Thinks He Knows Why…

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Don't think Young Memphis doesn't hear the net's wisecracks about his newfound independence and deal.

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Movin’ Out (Malik’s Song)

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Just like Turtle from Entourage, Memph Bleek feels it's that time to step out from the shadow of Big Brother.

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Memphis Bleek & DJ Suss One – Signed & Sealed Mixtape

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Memphis Bleek has been steady putting in work this year and you ingrates just don't give a damn.

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Memphis Bleek – Feed The Street$ Mixtape

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Hosted By DJ Envy Quiet as kept, Memphis Bleek has been vigilantly working on creating his own lumination, so that one day he may step from out of the shadows of greatness.

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