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The Best And Worst Things About The Sci-fi Movies Of 2012

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It was a busy year for sci-fi, for better and for worse...


Chinese Play Trick, Cut 13 Minutes out of Men in Black 3

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You'd think buying an entire film franchise for his son and setting it in China and letting the <a href="" target="_blank">Chinese government sponsor it</a> and making it about Kung Fu instead of Karate would be enough for Will Smith to get a pass from Chinese censors, but apparently they didn't take too kindly to a scene in Men in Black 3 where a Chinatown restauranteur turns out to be an alien.


Box Office: Men in Black Doesnt Flop, Moonrise Kingdom breaks scarf record

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In one of the most shocking stories of the summer, Men in Black 3 was NOT a humongous bomb.


"Men In Black 3": What'd You Think?

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"Men in Black 3" knocked "The Avengers" out of the number one spot this weekend, <a href="">grossing $70 million over Memorial Day Weekend</a>.


Weekend Movie Guide: Here Come The Men In Black Who Need More Money

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Opening Everywhere: Men in Black 3, Chernobyl Diaries, Moonrise Kingdom Never Heard of It: Mighty Fine FilmDrunk Suggests: Well looky here – for once me and Vince agree on something.


This Week in Posters & Stills: James Bond, Bill Murray in Plaid, Spazzy Will Smith

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Kicking off this week's This Week in Posters and Stills, here's the latest poster for Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film, directed by Sam Mendes, starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem, opening November 9th.

Barry Sonnenfeld

Men in Black cost $375 million

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When a sequel earns less than its predecessor, it's usually a good indicator of waning public interest in the product.

alice eve

Five Clips From 'Men In Black 3' Try To Squeeze Out Our Last Ounce Of Care


Barry Sonnenfeld’s third <a href="">Men In Black</a> film is coming out in a few weeks, whether we want it or not.

Amazing Spider-Man

This Week in Posters: Charlize's Sassy Gay Crow, Kevin Spacey is a Chinese Superhero

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I'm sure the poster designer for this was excited about his super clever idea - "the crow will be her mask, like an optical illusion.

alice eve

25 Pictures From 'Men In Black 3', Starring Garrison's Invention From 'South Park'

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Barry Sonnenfeld’s third <a href="">Men In Black</a> film is coming out May 25th in the twelfth year of our second <a href="">Willenium</a>.


It's The 2012 FilmDrunk Summer Movie Guide!

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With Rotten Tomatoes scores currently throbbing at 97% (critics) and 98% (audience expectations), Marvel’s The Avengers is the perfect film to kick off the summer movie season this Friday.


Further Proof Men in Black 3 Will be Terrible — Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to Make MiB3 Cameos

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So, pretty much everything points to the upcoming Men in Black 3 being a big pile of garbage.


This Week in Posters: Django Unchained, Moonrise Kingdom, The Avengers Premiere

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<a href=""></a>THIS WEEK IN POSTERS & STILLS: This week, I've got new posters and stills from Wes Anderson AND Quentin Tarantino, among others.


This Week in Posters and Promo Stills: Happytime Murders, Edward Penishands

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS AND PROMO STILLS: Before we start this week, a little housekeeping.


This Week in Posters and Publicity Stills

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS: This week, I expanded This Week in Posters's mandate to include not only movie posters, but set photos and publicity stills as well.

Barry Sonnenfeld

New Men in Black 3 Trailer: Will Smith fights a Giant Catfish, stale jokes

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Men in Black 3 has a new international trailer, and I bet you're all super excited about it.

alice eve

The New Men In Black 3 Trailer Needs More Bill Hader


"This is how they got Will Smith to do another MIB right.


This Week in Posters: Avengers, Men in Black 3, Etc.

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS: This week in This Week in Posters, we've got superheroes, starlets, blood, and of course Will Smith.

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