Merril Hoge Thinks That Johnny Manziel Has 'Bust Written All Over Him'

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ESPN's Merril Hoge thinks that Johnny Manziel's skills won't work well in the NFL and he'll be a bust if he's taken in the first round.


When Did Quarterbacks Stop Having Balls?

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When the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos failed to reach an agreement on a trade for Kyle Orton, two things happened: 1) Chad Henne fell ass backwards into another year as the de facto starter for Miami, and B) Tim Tebow possibly lost his job as the starter in Denver.

#LeBron James

@Storytime: How To Hurt Tim Tebow's Feelings

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As hard as you try, it's hard to hate nearly-aborted Denver Broncos quarterback and college football hugging legend Tim Tebow.



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I still haven't found a great way to be critical of this new wave of talk about how the NFL is dealing with concussions, but I find all the discussion a bit condescending.

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