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Enter The Metallica Shoe That Will Play A Clip Of Lars Ulrich Speaking With Every Step


Here's a thing that should not be: an officially licensed Metallica shoe.


8 Songs That Would Never Be Played In A Stadium Again If People Actually Listened To The Lyrics

By | 14 Comments

What, you mean "Born in the USA" isn't about the mens basketball team winning an Olympic gold medal?

bob dylan

When 6 Long-Running Bands/Musicians Should Have Called It Quits

By | 29 Comments

Over the weekend, British tabloid the Mirror <a href="">claimed</a> that after playing the Glastonbury Festival next year, the Rolling Stones were going to call it quits.


The 10 Most Interesting Rock Star Sex Secrets From Groupie Dirt

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To be a true rock star, in the most Almost Famous meaning of the term, you need to do three things: 1) Rock and roll all night, 2) Par-tay ev-er-y day, and 3) Have a ridiculous sex life.

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