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Here’s James Hetfield, Billie Joe Armstrong, And Joe Satriani Covering Bob Seger’s ‘Turn The Page’

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The three musical forces joined up to cover Bob Seger and raise some money for a good cause.


Corey Taylor’s Cover Of ‘Rainbow In The Dark’ Leads The Amazing Dio Tribute Album, ‘This Is Your Life’

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Corey Taylor and Metallica provide just a taste of the blistering tracks you'll hear on this Ronnie James Dio tribute album.

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The New Metallica Song, 'Lords Of Summer,' Is Better Than It Should Be

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Metallica still rocks harder than they have any right to.


Probably The Best Photo Of James Hetfield Taken After A Metallica Fan Told Him He’s Pregnant

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James Hetfield doesn't mind you telling him you're pregnant with his baby, as long as you're a dude.

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Jump In The Fire For Warmth While Watching The Entirety Of Metallica's Antarctica Concert


Please let there be moshing penguins, please let there be moshing penguins...


Inject Your Christmas With A Little Bit Of Slayer Via This Amazing Christmas Light Display

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This Slayer Christmas light spectacle deserves your attention and praise. I have enough trouble untangling lights.

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Metallica Will Be The Second Band Ever To Play A Concert In Antarctica

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Hope you've got your headphones, penguins: Metallica is coming.


Hear Chris Cornell’s Mashup Of Metallica’s ‘One’ With U2’s ‘One’

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Two versions of "One," from Metallica and U2, brought together by Chris Cornell.


‘Metallica: Amped For IMAX’ Is A Short Film That Is Basically Just A New Trailer

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Metallica Through the Never offers up the typical concert film in a whole new light, as the film stars Dane DeHaan as a roadie trusted with an “urgent mission” as the band plays, which I assume means that he’s sent out to round up some hot groupies.


Metallica Played ‘Enter Sandman’ For Mariano Rivera And It Was Awesome

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Say what you want about the guys from Metallica – they’re old and balding, they’ve lost their edge, it’s like watching your grandparents mosh, etc.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Boston Cello Quartet Played ‘Enter Sandman’ For Mariano Rivera


The Mariano Rivera “Thanks For Kicking Our Asses In The 9th Inning” Farewell Tour continued at Fenway last night, as the Boston Cello Quartet paid tribute to the iconic closer with a string version of his theme song, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.


Enter Sandman (Bluegrass Edition)


Bluegrass group Iron Horse picks their way through a very unique cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman.

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Everyone Dies In The Trailer For Metallica’s ‘Through The Never’ Concert Movie

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Metallica made another movie, "Metallica Through the Never," except this time, it's not about therapy.


And Now, Tim McCarver Reciting Metallica While Prince Fielder Legs Out A Triple


Because sometimes life lobs you the wonderfully absurd, here's Prince Fielder hitting a triple in last night's MLB All-Star Game, and Tim McCarver reciting however much he knows of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' while it happens.


‘Metallica: Through The Never’ Looks Intense

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While a lot of today’s popular music stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are pumping out “concert documentaries” to make a few extra million dollars and promote themselves in positive, edited new lights, credit is due to Metallica for taking that idea and punching it in the balls.

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Hear Metallica’s Rendition Of ‘The National Anthem’

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Metallica performed the National Anthem during Metallica Night in San Francisco.


Hear Every Single James Hetfield 'YEAH' In One Song

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Hear a compilation of every single Metallica's James Hetfield "YEAH," in one song.


10 All-Time Classic Grammy Performances To Get You Ready For Tonight's Ceremony

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A list of great Grammy performances, from Aretha Franklin to Arcade Fire, to get you excited for tonight's ceremony on CBS.

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