Mexican Drug Lords Are Keeping Their Promise To Kill Web Critics


Just in case you were wondering, Mexican drug lords are following through on their promise to kill people who say things on the internet about them that they don't like.

mexican druglords

Anonymous Set To Go Forward With Plan To Reveal Members Of Deadly Mexican Drug Cartel


After it appeared that the notorious hacker group Anonymous would call off its threat to post the names and addresses of Mexico's deadly Zeta drug cartel’s members -- many of whom are corrupt cops, taxi drivers and seemingly ordinary citizens and businesses -- in response to Zeta's kidnapping of an Anonymous hacker, the group now says all systems are go for the threat to be carried out this weekend.


Anonymous Threatens To Reveal Identities Of Deadly Mexican Drug Cartel Members

Ooooohhhhh -- sh*t just got real, y'all: Anonymous says it's going to start revealing the identities of people affiliated with a violent Mexican drug cartel unless one of their own, who was recently captured by the cartel, gets turned over to them unharmed.


Mexican Drug Lords Now Murdering ‘Internet Busy Bodies’ Who Use Social Media

As evidenced by the fact that they're building their own homemade tanks like the one pictured here, there probably isn't a more brazen, evil form of gangster on the planet right now than Mexican drug lords.

mexican druglords

Holy Crap This Mexican Druglord’s Homemade Tank Looks Like Something Out Of Mad Max

I've known for some time that Mexico's drug lord's are some of the more badass, ruthless organized crime figures in the history of organized crime -- essentially running some parts of the country, and arguably the country on the whole -- but I honestly had no idea that these guys were this badass.

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