Mexicans With Guns – Instrumentals

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Mexicans With Guns haven't been nearly as active as many of us would have liked the experimental soundman to be, but just about every record they've touched to date has pretty much turned to gold.


On My Five Current Songs For Spring

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<a href=""> The past weekend, temperatures in Tennessee teetered on the brink of 90 degrees. While the rise in mercury posed challenges towards staying cool and dry, the warmer weather brought about the lowering of car windows and the ceremonial unveiling of selected tracks for perhaps unwilling participants in the listening experience while they idled beside me at red lights. Always on the scour for content angles, I decided to keep a running list of which songs I played the most and then jotted down a quick list, presented by our sponsors at <a href="">Lugz</a>.


Mexicans With Guns Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Bun B – “Highway To Hell”

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<a href=""> Forget the commonly held belief that the only good song ever created with the title "Highway To Hell" belongs to a group of aged, Scot-Australian rockers who wail with knee-high knickers. The release of Mexicans With Guns' "Highway To Hell" spits on this notion as the San Antonio producer brings along The Baby-Faced Killer and Bun B to provide lyrical therapy for the track's Ridin' Dirty 7" Mix. The Pulled Over By The Cops members malevolently sit shotgun on this raucous ride as Gibbs delivers his typical devilish bars and Bun remains hellishly cool as ever. Organs blare over top of whirring bass and the Spanish drums eerily lets the track's conclusion float down the River Styx. If this track satiates your more evil tendencies, Stones Throw is providing <a href="">500 limited-edition wax copies</a> on red vinyl.

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