Miko Grimes

An NFL Player’s Wife Went Absolutely Nuclear On The League In An Epic Twitter Rant

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Miko Grimes, the wife of Dolphins CB Brent Grimes, went on quite a twitter rant on Monday evening following her husband's appearance at the NFL's Pro Bowl.

Amazing Survival Stories

How Former Dolphins FB Rob Konrad Survived 16 Hours At Sea In Shark Infested Waters

By | 12 Comments

Former NFL fullback Rob Konrad is talking about his epic swim for survival through shark infested waters.

Mike Wallace

Watch Brandon Gibson Speak For Mike Wallace In This Bizarre Postgame Interview


Mike Wallace allegedly quit on his team, then had a teammate speak for him to the media.


Brent Grimes’ Interception Was A Thing Of Beauty


Stop what you're doing and watch this interception.

#Mad Men

Lou Avery From ‘Mad Men’ Tells Olbermann About Jon Hamm Being A Huge Fan Of His From Way Back

By | 7 Comments

Allan Havey, the guy who plays swarmy prick Lou Avery on Mad Men, is full of surprises.


The ‘Colbert Report’ Took On The Miami Dolphins & Washington Redskins Controversies Last Night

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Stephen Colbert weighed in on the media's reaction to the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins on last night's episode of The Colbert Report.


Allow The ‘Daily Show’ And Its Best F*cking News Team To Demonstrate How Not To Be The Miami Dolphins

By | 8 Comments

Jon Stewart & Co. finally got around to covering the Miami Dolphins bullying fiasco last night. This is why I get my news from The Daily Show.


Richie Incognito Shirtless N-Bombs Are The Most Richie Incognito Thing Of The Day

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Richie Incognito's trouble continue today as TMZ has posted a video of him shirtlessly raging in a bar, yelling the N-word. Because you're slandering him!


On Richie Incognito And Understanding The Humiliation Of Miami Dolphins Fans

By | 70 Comments

As the Miami Dolphins are embarrassed by this Richie Incognito, here's a fan perspective on what it's like to deal with chaos season after season.


Adam Schefter Put Dolphins Richie Incognito On The Summer Jam Screen

By | 48 Comments

The Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin/Miami Dolphins saga takes another crazy turn.


Giovani Bernard’s Touchdown Run Is A Career Highlight. And He’s Only A Rookie.

By | 12 Comments

Thursday night games normally suck, but this run was this exact opposite.


A Porn Company Hijacked The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Website

By | 4 Comments

Earlier today, people visiting the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders website on mobile devices may have been shocked to find themselves on a porn site.


A Dolphins Fan Beat A Jets Fan With A PVC Pipe Because Sports Fans Are Morons

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The last time that I attended a Miami Dolphins game was back in 2009 for the first round of the NFL Playoffs, when Baltimore defeated Miami 27-9 at whatever the hell the Dolphins called that stadium back then.


At Last, The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Blurred Lines Parody You’ve Been Waiting For


The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and mascot teamed up for a Robin Thick 'Blurred Lines' parody video, well after that was needed or necessary.


The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Made A Video Set To Taylor Swift’s 22

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Last year, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders were a huge driving force behind everyone and their mothers making those “Call Me Maybe” videos that totally never got old at all.


The Miami Dolphins Would Like To Play Football On An Aircraft Carrier

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Thanks to Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria basically tricking Miami-Dade County into giving him a ton of cash for a stadium that literally everyone not involved in the funding process knew was a horrible idea, the Miami Dolphins were unable to secure a considerably smaller amount of public funds to renovate Sun Life Stadium.

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