Debut Albums

Artists Whose Debut Albums Sound Nothing Like Their Later Work

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The Beastie Boys were hardcore punks and Michael Bolton was a metal singer.


Michael Bolton And Sinbad Took A Ride In A Helicopter Together Because Life Is Strange


Sometimes things on the Internet just don't make sense, like Michael Bolton and Sinbad going on a helicopter adventure together.


Musicians That Might Look Better Tattooed

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Michael Bolton might finally get some street cred with some nice prison ink.


Michael Bolton Will Star In An ABC Sitcom. Yes, That Michael Bolton

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Michael Bolton, the Grammy-award winning 90's pop singer has been cast in an ABC sitcom. As himself.


SNL Celebrates Their 100th Digital Short With A Cadre Of Awesome Special Guests


To celebrate their 100th Digital Short, the SNL crew premiered a music video bringing back several celebrity guests and referencing some of their most popular shorts.

proud to be an american

This Is Gonna Melt Your Hearts

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It’s been a rough week for America, what with that stuff that we won’t talk about right now (Duke losing, of course) and it always helps to have something inspirational fall into our laps.

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