Michael Cera

A Young Michael Cera Almost Gets The Pillsbury Doughboy Killed In This Insane ’90s Commercial

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Someone unearthed video of a young Michael Cera poking the PIllsbury Doughboy in his very first acting role.


All The ‘Superbad’ Quotes You Should Still Be Using Every Day

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You can go an entire day speaking only in 'Superbad' quotes.


The Cast Of ‘The Room’ Is Kickstarting A Mockumentary About Themselves

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The cast of 'The Room' is trying to make some money on the thing that's been embarrassing them for 10 years.

Michael Cera

Michael Cera Released An Album Last Night. Let’s Guess The Song Titles.

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Michael Cera released a lo-fi album last night, because of course he did.

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‘Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘Blockheads’

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An in-depth look at all the things you may have missed on first watch of the final George Michael-centric episode.

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‘Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘It Gets Better’

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An in-depth look at all the things you may have missed on first watch of the George Michael-centric episode.

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Watch The Internet Put George Michael Bluth’s Unfailing Internal Clock To The Glorious Test

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One stickler-for-details AD fan decided he'd test George Michael Bluth's "unfailing internal clock."

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Review: This is the End

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This is the End is a funny movie, much funnier than I expected, full of honest laughs (like real giggles, not smiles or snorts) and clever meta-fiction, where all the characters play joke versions of themselves, with fictionalization levels ranging from the slightly-heightened reality of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm to the outrageous against-type of Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar.


Michael Cera plays a weird, fruity psycho in ‘Magic Magic’

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Few people I write about inspire as much passionate hatred as Michael Cera, which sort of bums me out because I truly believe that there aren't many comedy actors out there who can pull off the kinds of scenes he can.


Here Are 10 ‘This Is The End’ GIFs That Further Support The Notion That It Is A Good Movie

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In case Michael "What's up, Rihanna?" Cera in the trailer didn't already sell you.

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Check Out These New Season 4 ‘Arrested Development’ Photos

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Entertainment Weekly brings us several new still images of the upcoming 'Arrested Development' fourth season.


Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric And Reggie Watts Launch New YouTube Channel

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Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Reggie Watts have joined forces to launch their own YouTube channel called JASH.

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The Best Of #George Michael Bluth

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With Jason Bateman tweeting out photos of Michael Cera reprising the role of George Michael Bluth I can't think of a better time to pay tribute to one of my five favorite Arrested Development characters.


Michael Cera And Reggie Watts Sing About Pie And Friendship

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Fresh off our fun chat with Comedy Bang! Bang!'s Scott Aukerman IFC has released this new musical clip from the show (premiering June 8th!) featuring guest Michael Cera (directly from a house fire that spared everything but his hair, I presume) and Reggie Watts improv-ing a duet about two of the most truly wonderful things life has to offer: friendship and pie.

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The Arrested Development Movie Is Really Actually Absolutely Happening For Real

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Ever since the last episode of Arrested Development aired in 2006, we’ve heard rumors galore about a movie based on the hilarious poorly marketed Fox series.

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