Supergirl May Be Coming To Break Up The DC Comics TV Sausage Party

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Could Supergirl be the first female superhero to get in on the new comic book TV series boom?


Bryan Fuller Is Taking On Neil Gaiman With ‘American Gods’

By | 23 Comments

'American Gods' has been notoriously difficult to bring to TV... which is where Bryan Fuller ('Hannibal') comes in.


Fox Orders A ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ TV Pilot Whether Alan Moore Likes It Or Not

By | 16 Comments

Fox has made a "put pilot" commitment to a TV series based on Alan Moore's 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.'



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Kings is cancelled. If you are like most of America, you got one little glimpse of this show and quickly switched the channel back to, well back to anything in the entire world except Kings. People friggin hated this show. Not since John From Cincinnati have I heard so many people bitch about a show no one was forcing them to watch.

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