The Secret Weapon Of The NBA Finals; Kevin Garnett Is Considering Retirement


It's been at least a decade since we made it through the NBA Playoffs without a controversial call, and this year was no different.


Break Up The Big Three? And The Decisions You Didn’t Know LeBron Made


If Doc Rivers had his wish, he'd have all three of the Big Three in Boston back next season, it sounds like.

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Marc Gasol Agrees to Huge Deal to Stay With Memphis Grizzlies

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When it came down to it, the Memphis Grizzlies refused to lose Marc Gasol.


NBA Trade Rumor: Hasheem Thabeet To Houston For Shane Battier

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While most of the trade chatter out of Memphis has centered around Zach Randolph and O.

Michael Heisley

Jason Williams Agrees To Deal With The Grizzlies

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Apparently that whole "Don't Sign Me!" act Jason Williams was putting on with Memphis went away after he realized no one else wanted to sign him.

Michael Heisley

Iverson Needs To Decide His Future This Week

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While Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace stated this weekend that the signing of Jamaal Tinsley had "nothing to do with the Iverson situation," AI's absence in Memphis is like a giant elephant in the room.


The Grizzlies Are Too Nice

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At the top of virtually every NBA news wire feed yesterday, there was some variation on this headline: "Marion-to-Dallas talks reach standstill." If you clicked on that link, you'd read that Toronto and Dallas needed other teams to facilitate the trade given some complicated financial matters.


The Real Reason Thabeet Canceled His Memphis Workout

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The original reason that Hasheem Thabeet canceled his workout with the Grizzlies on Sunday was because of a "sore shoulder." Then we heard that he actually had family to visit in New York so he couldn't spend time down in Memphis.

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Grizzlies Looking For The Next Mark Cuban

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Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley is a lot of things - an American businessman, a billionaire, a philanthropist - but one thing he is not is a fool.

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