kong: skull island

Hey Everyone, Guess Where The Next King Kong Movie Takes Place

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It's totally not where you'd expect and it's totally exciting.


Handicapping This Year’s Oscar Race Based On RogerEbert.com’s ‘How To Win An Academy Award’

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"The Oscar goes to a film that involves someone in some sort of prison, seeking and achieving some sort of freedom."

michael keaton

Oscar Nominee Michael Keaton May Play A McDonalds Mogul Next

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Today Michael Keaton got an Oscar nomination and he became the subject of a casting rumor about a biopic. It's been a big day.


Here Are 5 Thoughts We Have About Last Night’s Golden Globes

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Will ‘Boyhood’ win an Oscar for Best Picture? Why were the Golden Globes more serious than normal? Here's what we learned from watching.

michael keaton

Michael Keaton’s ‘Hot’ Son Is A Successful Top-40 Songwriter

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Meet Sean Douglas, Michael Keaton's talented songwriter son.

#Golden Globes

Watch Michael Keaton’s Emotional Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

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"I'm so grateful from the bottom of my heart," Keaton said. "You don't know what this means to me."


Will Arnett Has Seen Footage From ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ And Says It’s ‘Mind-Boggling’

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Will Arnett, Chris Miller and Phil Lord give us some details on what to expect from 2017's 'The LEGO Batman Movie'.

michael keaton

Michael Keaton Is Negotiating To Be The Next Actor To Explore ‘Kong: Skull Island’

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Rumor has it the 'Batman' actor may be running with the dinosaurs in the next King Kong film.


‘I’m Very Claustrophobic': Michael Keaton Explains Just How Uncomfortable The Batsuit Was

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Michael Keaton still remembers wearing the Batsuit. And it wasn't because it was a fun experience.

johnny dangerously

Celebrate 30 Years Of ‘Johnny Dangerously’ With Its Best Lines, You Lousy Cork-Soakers

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In honor of the 30th anniversary of 'Johnny Dangerously,' Michael Keaton's most underrated film, here are the lines you should still use.


Micheal Keaton On Why He’s Not Jealous Of Ben Affleck: ‘Because I’m Batman’

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Michael Keaton looks back at the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton's 'Batman' and gives his blessing to Ben Affleck.


Amy Schumer Would Like You To Know That Tilda ‘Motherf*ckin’ Swinton Is “Everything”

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Amy Schumer threw all of the praise at Tilda Swinton while celebrating her at The Gotham Awards during a giggle-inducing speech.


‘Boyhood’ And ‘Birdman’ Lead The Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

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Aw, man, don't force me to choose between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Keaton.


Fox Searchlight Created An Authentic Trailer For 1992’s ‘Birdman Returns’


'Birdman' is a critical success and Fox Searchlight a fake trailer for the 1992 fake film within the film, 'Birdman Returns.'


This Week in Netflix And Streaming: ‘Batman’, ‘Step Up 5′, And ‘Dumb And Dumber’

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So much hot streaming action, so little time. A wide array of streaming options are considered, from the original Batman all the way to Step Up: All In.


Michael Keaton Turned Down $15 Million For The Third Batman Movie Because It ‘Sucked’

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Michael Keaton is not mincing words about why he wouldn't do 'Batman Forever', despite the huge pile of money offered.

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Michael Keaton Passed On ‘Kingpin’ Because Its Script Was Too Joke-Laden (& Other Roles He Turned Down)

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Michael Keaton has turned down some incredibly great roles over the years. Mostly because he'd rather be fishing.

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