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Watch Live As Some Of The Cast Of ‘The Wire’ Reunites At PaleyFest

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At least eight actors from HBO's beloved series 'The Wire' are reuniting with show creator David Simon tonight at PaleyFest.


Drop It, Creep: RoboCop Is Giving Ultimatums In The Newest Videos

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'RoboCop' opens tomorrow, so MGM has to hurry up and shoot everyone's crotch with as many promotional videos as possible.


Well, That Escalated Quickly: ‘RoboCop’ Releases All The Clips

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Last week we finally saw the first clip from the 'RoboCop' remake, and this week Sony released five clips at once plus a new batch of photos.


The First Clip From ‘RoboCop’ Brings A Gun To A Drone Fight

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RoboCop is gunfighting with Kelly Leak and several of Omnicorp's EM-208 humanoid drones in the first clip from 'RoboCop'.


‘RoboCop’ Is Far From Paralyzed In Dramatic New Trailer

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Sony dropped the newest trailer for 'RoboCop', focusing on Alex Murphy's first moments as RoboCop.


I’d Buy That For A Dollar: The First ‘RoboCop’ Trailer And Seven Pictures Are Here!

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The first trailer for 'RoboCop' is finally here! We also have new pictures and a quote from the director.


More Set Photos From RoboCop Give A Closer Look At That Visor

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This weekend we saw the new RoboCop suit. Now we have more pictures from the Toronto set, a teaser poster, and a casting update.


I’d Buy That For A Dollar: Michael Keaton Is Playing RoboCop’s Sarcastic Nemesis

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Michael Keaton is replacing Hugh Laurie as the CEO of Omni Corp in 'RoboCop' while MGM tries to shut down rumors of the director being stifled.


The Best Of #Omar Little

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Today we present the best Omar Little-related everything that Tumblr has to offer.


Hugh Laurie Won’t Be The ‘RoboCop’ Villain, But We Know Who Might Be

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Hugh Laurie won't be playing the villainous CEO of Omni Corp in MGM and José Padilha's 'RoboCop' remake, but we know who MGM wants instead.


Michael K. Williams Playing RoboCop’s Best Friend? Oh, Indeed.

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Michael K. Williams is in negotiations to co-star as Alex Murphy's colleague in the 'RoboCop' remake, joining a cast of everyone ever.


Watch “The Wire: The Musical” & Be Infinitely Amused

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Photo: Art Of The Wire The Wire is the greatest TV show ever and we will always hold this truth to be self-evident that no other dramatic series will be equal.


'Community' Intro Done In 'Law and Order' Style Is Streets Ahead

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DUN DUN Community returns from hiatus this Thursday, so Tauntr put together a mashup of Community and NBC's longtime meal-ticket show, Law & Order, which is particularly fitting since an upcoming episode of Community is going to pay homage to the straight-from-the-headlines procedural.


Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Promo Walls Are Awesome


Sunday night -- preceding their less critically acclaimed fare -- HBO aired a new promo to season two of Boardwalk Empire.

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