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Michael Pitt Spoiled The End Of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Months Ago And We Didn’t Even Realize It

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The former cast member accurately predicted the end of 'Boardwalk Empire' in July.


Michael Pitt From ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Will Make His Return To Television On ‘Hannibal’

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He will play "an unstable wealthy patient of Dr. Hannibal Lecter." That should end well!


More Evidence That ‘Boardwalk Empire’s’ Michael Pitt May Be The Biggest Jackass In Hollywood

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Another anonymous source comes forward with more sordid tales of Michael Pitt's jackassery.


Is ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Ending Because Paz de la Huerta Shaved Her Vagina On Set? The Truth May Shock You.

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An anonymous source reveals that 'Boardwalk Empire' may end after next season, and provided some colorful stories about Michael Pitt and Paz de la Huerta.


9 Actors Who Were On 'Dawson's Creek' Before You Knew Who They Were

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From Boardwalk Empire's Michael Pitt to "Fairly Legal's" Sarah Shahi, "Dawson's Creek" was a breeding ground for several of today's TV actors.


Which One Of These White Boys Will Be Akira’s TETSUOOOOOO?

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The casting of the Warner Brothers and Jaume Collet-Serra $90 million adaptation of Akira is rolling along, with Garret Hedlund likely playing Kaneda, Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter playing Colonel Shikishima and Lady Miyako, and Kristen Stewart offered the role of Kei, who is being renamed "Ky" because Americans no pronounce Japanese smart, hurr durr derp.


Nikki Finke Is the Worst.

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In general, I try to avoid the day-to-day awfulness of entertainment "journalism," because if I made a habit of thinking about Variety's hacky, stupid prose or Michael Ausiello's shameless abuse of the word "exclusive," then my head would explode.


Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Promo Walls Are Awesome


Sunday night -- preceding their less critically acclaimed fare -- HBO aired a new promo to season two of Boardwalk Empire.


‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 2 Teaser: Klansmen with Machine Guns!

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Even though "Boardwalk Empire" received countless accolades and critical acclaim over the last year, I sometimes forget how much I enjoyed the HBO drama's first season.


‘Boardwalk Empire': Just the Badass Parts (in GIF form)

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This past Sunday's episode of "Boardwalk Empire" ("The Emerald City") may have been the most badass episode of an already badass show.



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If you didn't watch the first episode of "The Pacific" on Sunday night, I'll spare you the lecture and merely inform you that you also missed the debut of the new trailer for "Boardwalk Empire" (video below), the Prohibition-era drama produced by Martin Scorsese.

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