Steve Carell IS Returning For ‘The Office’ Series Finale


Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell, will appear in "The Office" series finale next week.


Michael Scott May Appear In ‘The Office’ Finale After All (And The Morning Links)


Steve Carell might return as Michael Scott during the series finale of "The Office," and the rest of the Morning Links.


Here's The 'That’s What She Said' News Blooper Supercut We've All Been Clamoring For

We all know the local news anchors misspeak sometimes, and the results are sometimes awesome, like when they congratulate each other on their big hooters, or laugh about farts, or make other faux pas.


The Best Of #Michael Scott


The 2012 SAG Awards were last night and hopefully off your radar.


Threat Level Midnight 2: Scarn Vs. Irene

This "Threat Level Midnight" Hurricane Irene path is making its rounds and as much as I'd like to believe the Weather Channel regularly drops awesome Office Easter eggs in their weather mapping, it's actually a photoshopped version of one of the many Weather.com map variations depicting how Hurricane Irene is about to obliterate your family's East Coast beach house.

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