Michael Shannon May Play Another DC Universe Villain in ‘Batman V Superman’

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Michael Shannon isn't going to let a little thing like a broken neck keep him out of 'Batman V Superman'.


Nick Offerman Directed Michael Shannon In A Music Video For Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

By | 4 Comments

Many of your favorite people, including Michael Shannon and Nick Offerman, came together to help out Wilco's Jeff Tweedy.


Watch Scarfield And Michael Shannon Try To Out F-Bomb Each Other In ’99 Homes’

By | 14 Comments

Michael Shannon evicts Andrew Garfield and they both end up swearing a lot in this new clip from Orlando-set foreclosure film '99 Films.'

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Here’s Michael Shannon Trying Out Necrophilia In James Franco’s Short Film ‘Herbert White’

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James Franco and Michael Shannon teamed up to make a film about a serial killer that has sex with his dead victims. Classic Franco.


The ‘S’ Stands For ‘Smash': Real-World Costs Of The Fights In ‘Man of Steel’, With GIF Evidence

By | 41 Comments

Here is a statistical analysis of the amount of carnage the fight scenes in 'Man Of Steel' would cause in a real city, with GIFs as supporting evidence.


Russell Crowe Is Badass In New ‘Man Of Steel’ Clip, Michael Shannon Sings Bon Jovi

By | 4 Comments

Russell Crowe is "fightin round the worlds" in a 'Man Of Steel' clip and Michael Shannon sings Bon Jovi on the red carpet.


How To Live Life The Michael Shannon Way

By | 12 Comments

Want to be as awesome as "Man of Steel" and "Boardwalk Empire" star Michael Shannon? Here's how.


Review: Man of Steel

By | 154 Comments

I still don't think anyone has made an amazing Superman movie, but at least Man of Steel made me believe that it's possible.

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Michael Shannon Told Letterman He Was Once Convinced That Bill Murray Absolutely Hated Him

By | 21 Comments

The endearingly odd Michael Shannon was also a guest on Letterman last night. He did not disappoint.


New ‘Man Of Steel’ Clip: Zod Is Basically A Nazi And Jor-El’s Not Having It

By | 11 Comments

In the newest 'Man Of Steel' clip, Jor-El confronts General Zod over Zod's genocidal plans for Krypton.


Never Insult Superman’s Mom: Zod Gets Punched, Faora Fights Chris Meloni In ‘Man Of Steel’ Clips

By | 29 Comments

'Man Of Steel' opens next week, so the actors are showing new clips on chat shows. We have two of those clips.


New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Reminds Us Why This Movie Has Already Grossed $170 Million

By | 17 Comments

The final trailer for 'Man Of Steel' is here, and it's already grossed at least $170 million from ad sponsorships.


The ‘S’ Stands For ‘Sexy': First Two Clips From ‘Man Of Steel’ And A Hot TV Spot

By | 15 Comments

The first two clips and another TV spot from 'Man Of Steel' have arrived.


‘Man Of Steel’ 13-Minute Video, 25 New Pictures, Sequel News, And An Easter Egg

By | 12 Comments

Warner has released a 13-minute 'Man Of Steel' featurette and a huge batch of pictures, plus an Easter egg update.


Superman Can’t Be Controlled In Three More ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots

By | 6 Comments

Three new TV spots for 'Man Of Steel' just came out, and Lois Lane is blasting some Kryptonian weaponry.


These ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots And GIFs Totally Punched Our Zod

By | 15 Comments

Three action-packed new 'Man of Steel' TV spots are out, and we've collected new GIFs from these clips.


The Newest ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Is Terrifyingly Good

By | 16 Comments

The fourth (and perhaps, final) Man Of Steel trailer all be confirms the movie will rank as one of the biggest and best for summer 2013.


Second ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Brings The Heat Vision And Pile Of Skulls

By | 27 Comments

The intense second trailer for 'Man of Steel' shows humanity "suffering the consequences" of sheltering Superman.

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