Check Out The Final ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

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In case you weren’t sold by the first, second, fifth, second to last, foreign language, or Taiwanese News Agency trailers, here is the final Man of Steel trailer to convince you to go see it when the film is finally released on June 14.


Superman Gets Angry And Zod Has Laser Eyes In ‘Man Of Steel’ TV Spots, Posters, And GIFs

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Four new 'Man of Steel' TV spots show new footage, and we also have 16 relevant 'Man of Steel' GIFs (with a Batman cameo), four posters, and a photoshop.


The New ‘Man Of Steel’ TV Spot Is Just A Wee Bit Epic (And Playing ‘WoW’ Almost Cost Henry Cavill The Job)

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If the 'Man Of Steel' trailer wasn't enough epic-ness for your liking, a new TV spot is here to save the day. Plus, Henry Cavill talks about gaming.


Michael Shannon offers competing dramatic reading of that insane sorority email

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By now you've probably heard about the email a Maryland Delta Gamma named Rebecca sent her sorority sisters that Drew broke over at Deadspin last week.


Man of Steel Trailer: Russell Crowe says Superman is your God now

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Today brings us the longest trailer yet for Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder-directed, Christopher Nolan-produced Superman movie starring Amy Adams and Henry Cavill, with Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner as Superman's adopted gay dads.


40 ‘Man Of Steel’ GIFs To Superpower Your Morning

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The trailer for 'Man Of Steel' dropped last night, and the internet pulled another all-nighter to bring us a bounty of 'Man Of Steel' GIFs and photoshops.


Don’t Call Him Super: The New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Is Just A Wee Bit Epic

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The new 'Man Of Steel' trailer (and accompanying screencaps) makes the case that June 14th need to speeding bullet itself to our eyeballs immediately.


General Zod Demands Earthlings Hand Over Superman In ‘Man Of Steel’ Teaser

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Zod addresses Earth in a 'Man Of Steel' teaser, and we also have a TV spot and a new picture of Henry Cavill as Superman.


Superman Takes Flight And Zod Takes Metamucil In New ‘Man Of Steel’ Pictures

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Warner released several new 'Man of Steel' pictures, including Superman in flight, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, and General Zod's Metamucil endorsement.


Talking To Bobby Cannavale About His Steve Buscemi Impression: Live From LAByrinth’s Celebrity Charades

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Photos and interviews with Bobby Cannavale, Michael Shannon, Eddie George, and more from LAByrinth Theater’s Celebrity Charades 2013 event in New York City


Truth, Justice, Beards: Man of Steel has a new trailer

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People like to badmouth the choice of Zack Snyder to direct Warner's Superman reboot, Man of Steel, but if you throw out Sucker Punch, which was indeed terrible, he did a decent job with The Watchmen, and if you can handle Dr.


Superman Thinks The World Is Ready For Him In New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

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The new 'Man of Steel' trailer just dropped, thanks to a Superman viral website which just reached the end of its countdown.


Michael Shannon won’t say “Kneel before Zod” in new Superman

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Boardwalk Empire's self-flagellating Jew drowner Michael Shannon is set to play General Zod in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel Superman movie, which is a great choice because Michael Shannon is terrifying and looks like he'd give himself a hernia if he ever tried to smile.

#james franco

The Iceman (Trailer)


The true story of Richard Kuklinski: loving husband, devoted father, ruthless killer.


Michael Shannon And 10 Other TV Stars You Probably Didn't Know Were In Bands

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Last night, in the dimly lit basement of New York City bar Fontana's, Michael Shannon's band Corporal played a 45-minute set -- yes, that Michael Shannon.

#bill murray

Remember when Michael Shannon was in Groundhog Day? Hint: He loved Wrestlemania.

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It's always fun to catch an old movie on cable and catch a now-famous actor in some bit part you didn't even remember.


Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, and More Channel Evil Archetypes For Photo Shoot

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The New York Times Magazine enlisted Alex Prager to photograph and direct thirteen actors who gave notable performances this year for a video and photo gallery called "Touch of Evil.


So, What’s the New Zod Like?


Is it bad that my fondest memories of Zod involve a Robot Chicken sketch.


Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Promo Walls Are Awesome


Sunday night -- preceding their less critically acclaimed fare -- HBO aired a new promo to season two of Boardwalk Empire.

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