Stuffed Undies? Neil Patrick Harris Will Have You Know That Was 100 Percent Neil Patrick Harris At The Oscars.

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Neil Patrick Harris told Kelly and Michael that no enhancements were used during the Oscars Sunday night.


Laura Dern Tells Kelly And Michael About The Time Her Dog Menstruated On Scott Baio

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Laura Dern was a guest on LIVE with Kelly and Michael this morning to support the film Wild, but as fans of the energetic morning show already know, the conversation is never all about the movie.

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In Which Kelly Ripa Talks About Michael Strahan’s Penis In A Banana Hammock For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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If you would like to see Michael Strahan's Strahan in a thong, go see "Magic Mike XXL" with Kelly Ripa.


Donald Glover Has Joined ‘Magic Mike XXL,’ Which Is Now Basically ‘The Expendables’ Of Dong-Shaking

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The plot for 'Magic Mike XXL' has finally been revealed, as Donald Glover and others have also joined the road trip stripper comedy.

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Michael Strahan Will Strip In A G-String In ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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Michael Strahan will join the cast of 'Magic Mike XXL,' as the earth spins closer to perfection.

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Kelly Ripa Cracked A Dick Joke On TV This Morning And Our Crush On Her Just Grew Exponentially

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Kelly Ripa got sidetracked in this morning's episode of "Live with Kelly and Michael" and told some amazing dick jokes.


Michael Strahan On Ray Rice: ‘I Hope That He Can Get Help’


Michael Strahan gives about the only response one could on the Ray Rice controversy without frothing at the mouth.


Ray Liotta Kind Of Remembers That One Time He Talked To Kelly Ripa

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Ray Liotta looked a little out of it while promoting his new film, 'The Identical,' on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' this morning.

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ABC Interrupted Kate Upton On ‘Live With Kelly And Michael’ For Breaking News And People Weren’t Happy

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Don't you dare cut off Kate Upton from TV lest you incur the wrath of angry folks on the internet.

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Meet The Shark That Put Up A Better Fight Against Michael Strahan Than Brett Favre Did

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Who got the best of Michael Strahan: Brett Favre on the record-breaking sack or the shark in Sharknado 2?


Michael Strahan Will Join 'Good Morning America' Following Josh Elliot's Departure

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Michael Strahan is going to join 'Good Morning America' to replace Josh Elliot. Strahan is always a good choice for everything.


Kate Upton Already Had Her Super Bowl Party. For FASHION.


In Vogue's attempt to promote the Super Bowl, Kate Upton danced with Tracy Morgan, stole Michael Strahan's ring and stiff-armed Jason Biggs. For FASHION.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 11/25/13: Michael Strahan Shows Up And Ruins Everything

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NFL/TV personality Michael Strahan guest hosts this week's WWE Raw, and yeah he pretty much just ruins everything.

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“Ew” with Jimmy Fallon and Michael Strahan


Michael and Jimmy watch a clip from the children's show "Ew" that has some interesting characters.

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'Live With Kelly's' New Co-Host Is … Michael Strahan?

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Important analysis of the news that Michael Strahan will be the new, permanent co-host of 'Live With Kelly.'


Reggie Bush, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin And People You’ve Never Heard Of Went Bowling

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Chris Paul has missed the last three games with a strained left hamstring, but it’s done little to stop the 8-4 Los Angeles Clippers from at least pacing the first place Los Angeles Lakers (10-5) in the Western Conference Pacific Division.


Oh, Brothers…

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Looking for some wholesome Black programming not sculpted by Tyler Perry this fall.

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