Maybe He Should Go To XM And Host Raw Dog

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@Jeff_McLane: #Eagles QB Michael Vick will no longer have a Monday radio show on WIP.


Your NFL Recap: Week Four

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The TSS Sports Task Force was busy (probably watching their team win), so that leaves you all with me to sum of the events that were week four.


Michael Vick Injuries Predicted By Least Believable Psychic Ever

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The headline "PSYCHIC UPDATE: He saw Vick injury coming" conjures up images of a Zoltar-esque guy huddled over a crystal ball with SportsCenter playing inside it, or rolling his eyes back in his head as he chants and flips Panini Prestige like tarot cards.


Your NFL Recap: Week Three

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The third installment of the weekly drama that is the NFL saw continued offensive explosions in the Northeast, some surprising upsets and some fallen soldiers in the league’s war of attrition.


Juse Dayne – The Michael Vick Project

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So Mike Vick's highly touted (second) return to the 'A' didn't go exactly as planned.


Falcons 35, Dream Team 31: A Recap

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Last night, the mainstream sports media salivated for hours over Michael Vick’s return – again – to Atlanta to face his old team, the Falcons.

We Reminisce

Remix: The Mike Vick ATL Experience

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Although our beloved NBA is on the fritz with the lockout, at least the NFLPA and the owners were able to save the NFL.


Is Michael Vick Really Worth $100 Million?

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The transformation is complete, the roller coaster ride is entering the loading dock, the perfect storm has been weathered.

#Jay Z

Morning Links: So Hurricane Irene Wasn’t That Bad, I Guess

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Links 25 Idiots Who Blamed Hurricane Irene on Gay Marriage - The only gay person responsible for a hurricane is Pat Patterson.


The Terrific Adventures Of White Michael Vick

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Yesterday, the above image was published by ESPN for the article, “What if Michael Vick Were White?” which appears in the Sept.


What If Michael Vick Were…

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What if Charles Barkley could be quiet.


Burnsy's Bad Advice: Ranking Your Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

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With the NFL Lockout behind us like an angry Aryan inmate, most of us have begun our annual preparations for our fantasy football drafts.


Morning Links: Life is Unfair

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Sports The Most Unfair Characters in Video Game History - Bo Jackson from Tecmo Bowl, the Miami Heat from NBA 2K11 and Michael Vick from every football game for like four years are included on this list, right alongside Dr.


Animal Lovers Begin Boycotting Nike, Michael Vick

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Mike Vick and Nike face their first round of protest fresh on the heels of the Swoosh's announcement to endorse Vick again.


I Won’t Forget The Men Who Died, Who Gave These Links to Me


Last year I spent the 4th of July sitting on a blanket on a hillside in the shadow of the Iwo Jima memorial, watching fireworks explode over D.

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