“PTI” Wins April Fools Day With Frank Vogel – Larry Bird Fake Story


Pardon The Interruption duo Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon won April Fools Day.


Mike Tyson On PTI: Boxing Champ Talks Robin Givens, Brad Pitt & His Broadway Play

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Iron Mike may be lacking in many departments, but personality definitely isn't one of them.


Michael Wilbon Pressed David Stern's Buttons About Fixed Games Some More

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Last week, NBA commissioner David Stern took our attention away from the remarkable success of his league’s shortened season and exciting playoffs when he nailed Jim Rome with a loaded question when asked if the NBA was fixed.


Mike Wilbon Is A Hypocrite

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It seems every couple of weeks or so, there's some popular personally that finally makes his or her way onto Twitter.


Van Gundy And Wilbon Sitting In A Tree

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As the Orlando Magic flirted with elimination and a 3-1 deficit last night heading into Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Orlando head coach Stan Van Gundy and Pardon the Interruption host Michael Wilbon were locked in a war of words.



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As noted earlier this week at With Leather, Shelden Williams married WNBA star Candace Parker, and we had the good taste not to bring up the mental image of a zombie lookalike and a muscular Amazon getting it on with a third party.



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Noted Washington Post writer and ESPN talking head Michael Wilbon has often voiced his distaste for bloggers, but looky looky here: no pants on the set of Pardon the Interruption.

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