If They Melded: Peter Griffin + He-Man Edition

Conan O’Brien mashes together video footage of more celebrities, and the results are horrifying.

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Ron Paul’s Bitchy Tweet And Marcus Bachmann’s Doggy Sunglasses Shopping Spree Steal The Iowa Sh*tshow


In case you didn't stay up late last night to catch the results, genetically engineered Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also known as the Mittbot 9000, won the Iowa caucuses by 8 votes -- 8 VOTES.

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M83 Rocked Fallon Last Night After The Roots Dissed Michele Bachmann

I was just about to doze off last night when suddenly M83 appeared on my TV to perform "Midnight City" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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‘I’m Bachmann’


Every now and then you run across something on the web that just immediately touches you in a really deep place, that incites a sliver of excitement originating from a place that doesn't often get tapped, and the result is a pure, unadulturated joy that leaves you shaking your head in wonderment as you think, "Goddamn I love the internet.

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The Republican Presidential Debate in 45 Seconds


The reason I hate politics in America is that it caters to the lowest common denominator.

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