billy on the street

Billy Eichner Played ‘Ariana Grande Or Eating A Carrot?’ With Michelle Obama And Big Bird

By | 3 Comments

Michelle Obama and Big Bird joined Elena on a very special "Billy on the Street."

school lunches

A Bunch Of Adults Tried School Lunches To See How Bad They Really Were

By | 10 Comments

Are school lunches really that bad or are we just raising a nation of whiny picky eaters?


Barack And Michelle Obama’s First Date Is Becoming A Big Screen Romance

By | 24 Comments

'Southside With You' will cover the day in 1988 when Barry Obama took Michelle Robinson to see 'Do The Right Thing.'

school lunches

Kids Are Tweeting Photos Of Nasty School Lunches With The Hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama

By | 65 Comments

While we feel pretty bad for these kids, at the same time this is also pretty hilarious.

#Viral Videos

Michelle Obama’s ‘Turn Down For What’ Parody Might Be The Worst Moment Of The Obama Presidency

By | 14 Comments

Michelle Obama tried to do a vegetable-themed 'Turn Down For What' parody. It did not go well.

#Fox News

Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow: Michelle Obama ‘Needs To Drop A Few’

By | 47 Comments

Dr. Keith Ablow thinks Michelle Obama isn't qualified to give nutritional advice because she's got a big butt, or something.


Joan Rivers: Michelle Obama Is ‘A Tranny’ And ‘We All Know It’

By | 46 Comments

What does Joan Rivers have to say about President Obama and his wife Michelle? Offensive things, that's what.


On Solange, #BringBackOurGirls And The High Horse To Nowhere

By | 38 Comments

I'm a human being with a mostly-functioning brain. Which means I have the ability to think about two things over the course of a day. It's a perk of evolution.


The Funniest Internet Reactions To Michelle Obama’s Super Serious Sign

By | 20 Comments

The Internet had a lot of fun with Michelle Obama's super serious sign.


The 10 Funniest GIFs From The NBA Season


For better or for worse, technology appears to be evolving at the speed of light.


In Which Nick Offerman Explains Why Michelle Obama Must Keep A Safe Distance From Him


Nick Offerman telling stories is one of our nation's great resources.


Michelle Obama And Will Ferrell Teamed Up To Ask Kids About Nutrition With Predictably Hilarious Results

By | 2 Comments

Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell and a bunch of cute kids. Nothing can go wrong with this.

#jimmy fallon

Will Ferrell And Jimmy Fallon Go Full Drag On ‘The Tonight Show’ With Special Guest Michelle Obama

By | 4 Comments

Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell joined Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show' and managed to bring a little 'SNL' flavor to the show.


Figure Skater Irina Rodnina Lit The Olympic Torch, Isn’t Afraid To Tweet Racist Pictures Of President Obama

By | 39 Comments

Irina Rodnina, the figure skater who lit the Olympic torch during the Sochi opening ceremony, is also super into tweeting racist pictures of Barack Obama.

#LeBron James

Michelle Obama’s Wicked Slam Dunk Has Taken The Internet By Storm

By | 10 Comments

The Miami Heat offered an endorsement for the Let's Move! program while Michelle Obama showed off her nasty slam dunk skills.

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