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‘Ohio State Smells Like Uranus': Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Michigan State University

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Michigan State students absolutely killed it on College GameDay this morning in East Lansing, tackling everything from Urban Meyer, the SEC bias, and Papa Johns.


Michigan Football Players Drove A Spike In Michigan State’s Turf In A Hilariously Dumb Rivalry Moment

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Here's video of Michigan football players doing a really dumb thing during a rivalry game.


Michigan’s Beloved Block ‘M’ Was Painted Green By Michigan State Fans Last Night

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Uh oh, things just got real in the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry and it looks like the Spartans have delivered the first blow.

#Viral Videos

This IU Fan Wants To Know ‘What The F*ck Just Happened?’

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An Indiana fan may have just given us the Vine of the year.

Shilique Calhoun

Please Enjoy This Clip Of A Suplex In A Football Game Called By WWE’s Jim Ross

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Shilique Calhoun is a bad, bad man. Here's his belly-to-back suplex called by legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross.


Is This The Greatest False Start In Football History?

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Best false start ever? Best false start ever.


Allow Jim Ross To Call This Brutal Suplex Of Eastern Michigan Quarterback Robert Bolden

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Watch Jim Ross call this brutal suplex of Eastern Michigan quarterback Robert Bolden.


The Biggest College Football Hit Of The Day Came From An Offensive Lineman

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At Michigan State, everybody tackles violently including the offensive lineman.


Why Top Seed Virginia Will Fall To MSU Tonight


Virginia, winners in 18 of their last 19 games, won the ACC regular season title as well as the ACC Tournament but have been disrespected for most of the season.


The Mom Of A Recruit Won’t Sign His Letter Of Intent Because She Hates Michigan State

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Mailk McDowell is a 5-star football recruit who wants to go to Michigan State, but his mom won't sign his letter of intent.

Witchita State University

10 Schools With The Best Shot To Win An NCAA Championship This Year


We have entered the dog days of February and the madness is only a month away.


Remember The Security Guard That Got Bodyslammed By Jayru Campbell? Turns Out He Totally Deserved It.

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My Fox Detroit uncovered tweets from the security guard former Michigan State recruit Jayru Campbell bodyslammed last month, and he totally deserved it.


Michigan State Recruit Jayru Campbell Bodyslammed A Security Guard. Not Pictured: Big Boot, Leg Drop.

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High school QB and Michigan State recruit Jayru Campbell is in trouble after (shoot) bodyslamming a security guard. Time for the People's Elbow!


The Michigan State Spartans Are Still Celebrating With Daniel Bryan ‘YES!’ Chants

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The Michigan State Spartans brought back their Daniel Bryan/Rose Bowl victory YES chants during halftime at a basketball game against Ohio State. YES! YES!


Watch The Michigan State Spartans Go Full Daniel Bryan To Celebrate Their Rose Bowl Victory

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To celebrate their first Rose Bowl victory in almost 30 years, the Michigan State Spartans broke out a YES chant a la WWE's Daniel Bryan. YES! YES! YES!


You Should Watch Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo’s Tearful Thank You To Retiring Ref Ed Hightower

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Michigan State coach Tom Izzo stopped a game with two minutes left to honor retiring referee Ed Hightower, a man who's made him mad for years.

Michigan State University

Michigan St. Fans Trick Columbia Into Consecutive Shot Clock Violations


During Friday's Michigan State Columbia almost-upset, where the Ivy Leaguers held a seven-point advantage in the second half, the Spartans crowd played a hand in their team's avoidance of said upset.

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