Nobody Has Ever Been More Displeased Than This Michigan Fan

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And the hits just keep on coming for Michigan as they lose at home to EASTERN MICHIGAN!

Jim Ross Remix

JayVaughn Pinkston’s Insane Game-Winning Block For Villanova Gets The Jim Ross Mashup It Deserves

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Watch this spectacular block by Villanova's JayVaughn Pinkston remixed with WWE legend Jim Ross.


Michigan Football Players Drove A Spike In Michigan State’s Turf In A Hilariously Dumb Rivalry Moment

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Here's video of Michigan football players doing a really dumb thing during a rivalry game.


Michigan’s Beloved Block ‘M’ Was Painted Green By Michigan State Fans Last Night

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Uh oh, things just got real in the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry and it looks like the Spartans have delivered the first blow.

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This Michigan Frat Bro Gave A Vince Lombardi-Esque Speech To Tailgaters Before The Penn State Game

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Prepare for some serious laughs as this Michigan frat bro gives a pregame speech for the ages.

face your fears day

A News Station Pranked Its Meteorologist For National Face Your Fears Day


The team at Fox 17 in Michigan had a little fun at Kelly Smith's expense when they switched her weather green screen to footage of spiders.


The Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry Has Reached Insane Levels Of Dumb

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Their games may not matter much on the field, but off the field the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is as fierce as ever.


This 20-Year Old Michigan Bro Is Really Proud Of His ‘Party For The Record Books’

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Anybody who has a problem with 20-year old James Taylor and 2,000+ people he's never met partying at his farm house “in the middle of nowhere is a spaz.


The Battle Creek Bombers Are Going To Sell A ‘L’eggo My Eggo Burger’

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A collegiate league team's stadium in Michigan is about to be the home of a ridiculous hamburger that uses Eggo waffles as buns.


Stop Everything And Watch A One-Armed Basketball Player Shut Down His Opponent ‘The Fugitive’-Style


Geno Policicchio, a 1 armed basketball player from Michigan, pulled a behind-the-back move on his opponent in one of the coolest moments you'll see today.


Olivet Middle School’s ‘Secret Play’ For A Disabled Teammate Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

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Michigan's Olivet Middle School football team put together a "secret play" for a teammate with a disability, and it changed the lives of everyone involved.


A Michigan Man Whose House Was To Be Demolished Gave His Neighbor’s Address Instead

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A man in Michigan whose house was set to be demolished is in hot water after he gave his neighbor's address and the wrong house was knocked down.

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Police In Michigan Are Looking For Three Men In The Beating Of The Calling’s Lead Singer

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Right after The Calling announced a reunion and comeback, lead singer Alex Band was abducted and beaten, and police in Michigan are looking for three men.


A Guy On Crutches Tried To Break Into Kid Rock’s House. No, Seriously


A Detroit man was arrested for trying to break into Kid Rock's house using a van and a pair of crutches. Because he was ON CRUTCHES.


Man Arrested Carrying Loaded Gun, Body Armor, and 34 Rounds at Flint Theater

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It's been a little more than a year since that sideshow Bob-looking freakshow <a href="" target="_blank">killed 12 people</a> at an Aurora screening of The Dark Knight Rises, and people seem to have largely forgotten about it in light of more recent mass shootings (a happy ending.


VIDEO: ‘Dead’ deer wakes up in car, runs from cops in real-life Tommy Boy scene

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When you've seen Tommy Boy in excess of 50 times like I have, you can remember and quote every scene.

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Sports On TV: Freaks And Geeks' 10 Greatest Sports Moments

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This week, Sports On TV looks at the greatest sports moments from one of the greatest shows ever made -- Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's classic 1999 series 'Freaks and Geeks,' about a group of kids trying to navigate high school in 1980s Michigan.


Mich. HS Students’ Harlem Shake Video Included Simulated Oral & A Live Duck

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The "Harlem Shake" video fad is finally petering out, thankfully so for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being that no one's actually doing the Harlem Shake in them.


‘The Haters Aren’t Gonna Stop Me': Rebuilding Michigan’s Largest Porn Collection


Thieves made off with what Earlie Johnson believes is one of the largest pornography collections in all of Michigan. Initial reports had Johnson’s jag swag valued at $6,500, but he believes that was short a stack and the collection is actually worth upwards of $7,500. And now he plans to rebuild it.

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