Mick Foley Used A Fanny Pack To Cheat In The Wing Bowl And Got Ejected

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley forever ruined his reputation by using a secret fanny pack to cheat in the prestigious Wing Bowl.


Mick Foley Thinks It’s About Time We Stopped Slut-Shaming For Good

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Mick Foley and The UnSlut Project are a call to action for all wrestling fans.


Mick Foley’s Going Through Drive-Thrus As Santa And Handing Out Gifts Because He’s Awesome

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Watch this clip of Mick Foley ... er, Santa Claus ... handing out $100 tips in a Whataburger drive-thru.


Here’s A Rare Clip Of The Undertaker Breaking Kayfabe To Say He Loves Mick Foley And Hates Fun

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Undertaker is rarely seen out of character, but here he is breaking kayfabe to discuss his love of Mick Foley and his hatred of fun.


Mick Foley Stopped By ‘The Daily Show’ To Talk Fruitcake Competitions And Appreciating Santa

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Mick Foley returned to The Daily Show to talk fruitcake eating competitions, his Santa documentary and appreciating the men in the red suit.

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best and Worst Of WWE Raw 12/1/14: Meet A New Day, Same As The Old Day

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for December 1, 2014, featuring the Raw debut of A New Day, a Noelle Foley cameo and a laptop in charge.


Here Are Mick Foley’s 3 Reasons He Shouldn’t Be Raw’s New General Manager

By | 20 Comments

Raw needs a permanent GM, and people like Mick Foley. So why does he think he should never be Raw's authority figure again?


Want To ‘Get’ Sting? Watch These 8 Iconic Matches From His Early Days On The Network Right Now.

By | 49 Comments

Sting made his WWE debut at Survivor Series. Revisit some of the Icon's greatest matches from his early days in WCW and the NWA with this list.


The Story Of How Mick Foley And Shooter Jennings Teamed Up To Record ‘Crazy Christmas’

By | 3 Comments

Mick Foley and Shooter Jennings open up about 'Crazy Christmas,' worlds colliding and the likeliest celebrity friendship of all-time.


The With Spandex Halloween Round-Up: Our Favourite Wrestling Fan Costumes Of 2014

By | 28 Comments

Did you dress up for Halloween? These wrestling fans did, and it ruled.


Here’s Why Mick Foley Turned Down The Chance To Be Zooey Deschanel’s Santa Claus

By | 10 Comments

The hardcore legend's one-man show is heading to TV, but why did he turn down a role on one of his favorite comedies?


Mick Foley Is Recording A Christmas Album With Shooter Jennings

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In addition to his upcoming Santa Claus documentary, Mick Foley has teamed up with Shooter Jennings to record a spoken word Christmas album.

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 10/20/14: Katie Vick, Now Available In TV-PG

By | 151 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for October 20, 2014, featuring extreme second-hand embarrassment for almost three full hours.


The Long, Powerful History Of Stephanie McMahon Slapping The Hell Out Of People

By | 28 Comments

For Stephanie McMahon's 38th birthday, we pay tribute to her trademark leadership technique - slapping people.


Ranking WWE’s 12 Greatest Hardcore Champions On The 12th Anniversary Of Its Death

By | 63 Comments

Twelve years after the title was retired, it's time to look back and rank WWE's twelve best Hardcore Champions.

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Vintage Best And Worst: WWF In Your House – Umm … December Stuff 1996

By | 17 Comments

A vintage Best and Worst look back at the last pay-per-view of 1996, courtesy of David D. We're now entering wrestling's prime ...


The Thread Count: A Fashionable History Of Wrestling Hippies

By | 39 Comments

With Spandex's dedicated fashion column looks at the history of pro wrestling's hippies, from Superstar Billy Graham to CJ Parker.

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Wrestling Game Vs. Wrestling Reality: WWF No Mercy

By | 56 Comments

What was better -- 'WWF No Mercy', or the six months of 2000-era WWF it was based on?


Mick Foley Was At The First Olympics With The Undertaker, According To A New Age Talk Show

By | 17 Comments

Mick Foley went on a new age talk show to have his soul analyzed. Turns out Daniel Bryan's his son and Taker was at the first Olympics.


Mick Foley Was Singing Creepy Church Songs Long Before Bray Wyatt

By | 5 Comments

Bray Wyatt likes to sing 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.' Here's Mick Foley singing that on WWE TV 15 years before Bray.

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