Mickey Factz Paints Vivid Pictures With His “Mickey MauSe” Mixtape

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Maybe I'm jaded, but the thought of a concept album in rap is not that appealing to me.

Tony Williams

Cloudkicker x FLüD Watches Present Emilio Sparks – Scumbino’s Way


Emilio Sparks gets paid to be a professional cretin.


Emilio Rojas Feat. Mickey Factz – “Ex-Girl” Video (NSFW)

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<a href=""> If you can't tell by now, Emilio Rojas is a pimp, swindler and bona fide ladies man. For all those double entendre'd finishers/cramming-28-bars-into-16-bar-stanzas/motor-mouthed lyrical acrobatics he likes to pull off, he never hesitates to let you catch him with a woman. Any type ranging from wifey to hooker tramp, he's got 'em---in his videos. When you live <a href="">Life Without Shame</a>, you're bound to allow some nip-n-clit slips in your visual presentations.

Theophilus London

Melo-X – More Merch

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<a href=""> <a href="">Melo-X</a> strives to be a producer's producer and you have to respect that type of creative drive, no matter how familiar you are with his work.


MeLo-X Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Mickey Factz – “Rapity Rap”

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<a href=""> The title "Rapity Rap" is self-explanatory but may not do the track justice, as each rapper rhymes with a sense of urgency. Those with slow ears or aversion to syllables, might want to skip this one. The rest, enjoy and pay attention because More Merch drops on 12.8.10. Download -- <a href="">MeLo-X Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Mickey Factz - "Rapity Rap" (Prod. by Melo-X)</a> Respect: <a href="">GFCNY</a>.


Emilio Rojas Feat. Mike Bigga – “FTW”

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<a href="h"> My boo is mad that I'm buzzin', she's scared that I'm movin' on/A stubborn mothaf#cka, I stuck with her just to prove her wrong... I think it was Maurice Garland who tweeted this awhile back: isn't it odd how "FTW" (for the win) and "WTF" (what the f#ck) use the same letters to describe completely different emotions? This ain't got nothing to do with nothing, I just thought that I should mention. <a href="">Respect to Weezy</a>.

#Kanye West

The 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers

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<a href=""> It's the annual event we all love to hate to on. Rap stars of new and old all convene under the house of Black lampoonery to dispel our attention from something more conducive to human existence. But as arguably the biggest nucleus that promotes most of the happenings of our beloved culture, the love side of the relationship with BET shoots to the forefront as they do give those that deserve it a bit of shine, even if comes courtesy of a generic environment. Contrived freestyles are NOT Hip-Hop as we'd like to represent it but still giving an avenue for artists to ride through the mainstream is worth overlooking such petty gripes. Premier on the 1's & 2's. Let's go! Cypher #1: a.k.a. The True Heads (Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Bones Brigante, Yelawolf & Raekwon) While the placement of the lesser known Bones Brigante screams of a good manager/label relationship that will inconspicuously breed a new contract in the near future, homie had the most to prove and he followed through with a memorable performance that should garner new fans. Wiz and Yela both displayed why they're amongst the hottest in the game and Rae showed utmost class by cutting his vocals short to eulogize Inspectah Deck's dearly departed mother. Wu-Tang forever, baby. Cypher #2: a.k.a. The Regional Outcasts (Feat. Tyga, Kuniva, Diamond & Royce Da 5’9") When's the last time you seen a rapper from Detroit other than Eminem on BET? No, I won't wait. Even when he blows, Royce will always be one-hit away for the back credit he's undeservedly owed and he makes the most of his time as moderator/champ MC. Tyga been had bars and Kuniva reps for D-12. Sadly, Diamond's flow could use a bit of Massengill®. Performance was a little dry. Cypher #3: a.k.a. The Family Affair (Feat. OMG, Doughboy, Ice Cube, Diggy, JoJo & Rev Run) It was a battle of East & West, the Jacksons & Simmons but hometraining as well. The Cube Clan's verses had more censors than a screening of House Party on primetime TV while the occupants at Run's house knew they'd get a spanking in the dressing room if a four-letter word slipped out. Quiet as kept, on the lowskey-woahskey, Jojo had the smoothest performance. *drops mic* <a href=""> "Rosewood! We can see out with our eyes closed..." Cypher #4: a.k.a. The Rhyme Without A Reason (Feat. Reek Da Villian, Zawcain, Mickey Factz & Busta Rhymes) For the record, everybody ripped it with tenacity and precision. However, none of the performances could move a feather in a wind storm. It highlights the perils East Coast Hip-Hop faces in present day. Rappers rely on appearance and (ugh!) swag to entertain instead of letting their lyrics do just that. And when have you ever known Busta Rhymes to pass on an alley-oop of a simple kick-n-snare to get busy? <a href="">Yep</a>.

The Acheivement

Mickey Factz – “Paradise” Video

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<a href=""> While some view sunny beaches & flip flops for their version of Paradise, <a href="">Mickey Factz</a> has other ideas.


8.14 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Sasha Shelton Alvin Greene Indicted For Obscenity <a href="">[Global Grind]</a> Detroit Texting Scandal 2.

Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA – George Kush The Button

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<a href=""> Legal or illegal, <a href="">Smoke DZA</a> is going to get his chief on in the booth, streets and your girlfriend's bed room.

Young Chris

DJ Drama x Cookin Soul – History In The Making

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<a href="download-dj-drama-and-cookin-soul-history-in-the-making"> Mr. Thanksgiving and the producers who do it better the 2nd time, Cookin Soul, come through with another freebie on this glorious Tuesday to make your iPod smile. When is the last time you heard a compilation mixtape that was worthy of constant spins? More than likely it was a <a href="">CS presentation</a>.


Donnis x DJ Infamous x DJ Holiday – The Invitation

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<a href=""> While everybody has eagerly RSVP'd for the upscale <a href="">Fasionably Late</a> gala, Donnis would like to cordially invite you to his 18+ street event first.

The Achievement

Mickey Factz – “Paradise”

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<a href=""> Truthfully: <a href="">Mickey Factz</a> still has the Bruce Leroy glow.


Mickey Factz – “My Name Is Mickey Factz”

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Pic By <a href="">The Kid Texas</a> If for some oddball reason you don't know his name, <a href="">Mickey Factz</a> -- the man, the myth, the Supra Legend -- is giving you "motherfuckers" (his words not mine) a reintroduction.

waka flocka flame

The Week That Was: The All Out Edition

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The week where the rap world went all out.

Thedarkphoenix: #ALPHA

“Sunset” – Review Of Mickey Factz’ Thedarkphoenix: #ALPHA

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If you’re a frequenter of this site, you’ve already read one review of Mickey Factz’ EP, <a href="">The Dark Phoenix #Alpha</a>.


Event Reminder: Freddie Gibbs x Mickey Factz @ The Highline Ballroom

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The last solo set delivered by <a href="">Freddie Gibbs</a> on a New York City stage <a href="">was rudely cut short</a>.


Final Grades: XXL Class Of 2009

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Professors have to walk a fine line when it comes to giving praise to their students.

Thedarkphoenix: #ALPHA

Mickey Factz – Thedarkphoenix: #ALPHA

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Truthfully: If you follow <a href="">Mickey Factz on Twitter</a>, then you knew this was brewing in the works for a minute.

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