Microsoft Paid $400 Million For NFL Teams To Use Surface Tablets And A Fox Announcer Called Them iPads

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Fox's John Lynch accidentally referred to the Microsoft Surface, 'The Official Tablet of the NFL,' as an 'iPad-like tool.'

surface pro

Microsoft Sticks By The Surface… For Now

By | 3 Comments

The Surface Pro 2 looks to be a worth upgrade to the Surface... but is it worth buying?


Oprah Tweeting Her Love For The Microsoft Surface Via The iPad Was Pretty Awkward

By | 6 Comments

Oprah and her team understand many things. Twitter does not appear to be one of them.


Microsoft Surface Brings 32GB at $499

By | 6 Comments

The Microsoft Surface has a price, and it's a little higher than some would like.

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Hell Yeah Microsoft Should Price The Surface At $199

By | 4 Comments

The Surface should be as close to $199 as possible. The only people who think otherwise own stock in Acer.


Can Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Out-Apple Apple?

By | 4 Comments

The iPad was a perfect device when it first came out two years ago.

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